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烧烤之家@ Kushi Q

日本美食除了寿司和生鱼片外,串烧也是其中一个特色。今天就来分享我在Kushi Q, Tropicana City Mall 内享用的串烧美食。

Others than Sushi and Sashimi, what else interesting about Japanese cuisine? For sure, I will tell you skewered meat. Ok, I will shared what I had at Kushi Q, Tropicana City Mall.

我们从停车场上来,立即看到Kushi Q 在我们的右手边。

From the car park, we saw Kushi Q at our right hand side.


Cheapest set costed only RM6.90.

这家店有Halal 的标志以及提供免费的WIFI 服务。等待食物的片刻,可以游览网页,暂且忘掉饥饿的同时可以处理事务。

They have Halal logo and provide free WIFI service. While waiting our food served on table, we can surf the net and forget about the hungriness while manage our task. 

Mackerel Fish Teppanyaki RM 12.90
Enlarged image of Mackerel Fish Teppanyaki RM 12.90

这里有好几种teppanyaki 套餐,有mackerel 鱼,三文鱼,鸡肉,牛肉,带子等的套餐。除了肉的区别外,饭,菜,水果和汤都是一样的。

They have few types of teppanyaki sets, namely mackerel fish, salmon, chicken, beef and scallop. Each and every set is same as they provide rice, bean sprouts, fruits and soups except the meat.

Salmon Teppanyaki RM 16.90

Mackerel 鱼和三文鱼吃起来,感觉嘴巴油油的,可能是煎的关系。但是三文鱼的卖相很是吸引人的胃口,煎得红红的模样,一点烧焦也没有。点上酱汁,味道很好。

Mackerel and salmon gives us oily feeling in the mouth, may be caused by the cooking method. Nevertheless, salmon looks appetizing as it is fried till red colour without sign of burn. With sauce, it tastes nice.

Scallop Teppanyaki RM 14.90

The little scallop is chewy.

Beef Teppanyaki RM 13.90

Chicken Teppanyaki RM 9.90
鸡肉的铁板烧是最划算的,仅需要RM9.90, 肉也给的特别多!不但如此,鸡肉也很松软,带有甜味。

The chicken teppanyaki is the most worth set among all as costed only RM9.90. Not only that the meat portion is a lot, the texture is soft.

Beef Katsudon Set RM 12.90

Enlarged image of Beef Katsudon Set RM 12.90
Beef Katsudon 是蛋炒牛肉,所以在翻开来时,蛋与肉已经结合一体,一起享用。对于吃惯煎蛋的我,还真的没什么办法适应甜的蛋,所以这不是我喜爱的菜肴。

Beef Katsudon is cooked with beef. When I flipped over, the eggs and meat are sticked together. For the one like me who used to eat fried egg, I still not able to adapt myself with sweet eggs, that is not my cup of tea.


One of the wonderful things worth of mention is that we can have our food hot and tastier as food prepared on the spot upon ordering.

Beef with Pineapple RM 3.00 / stick ; Scallop RM 3.00 / stick ; Mackerel Fish RM 3.00 / stick
喜欢吃串烧,不喜欢吃饭的朋友,可以点这些来吃。对于我来说,价钱方面还算合理,今天收看美食节目,别家的日本餐厅售卖一串整RM5 / 6哦!友人说牛肉配黄梨,那味道非常的搭!

For those who like skewer meat and don't like to eat rice, we can order this to eat. In my opinion, the price is affordable. When I watched TV program that introduces food in Malaysia, I found that other places selling RM5/6 per stick! My friend complimented that the combination of beef and pineapple gives the overall taste a kick.

Chicken Wings with Sesame RM2.50 / stick ;Chicken Thigh with Capsicum RM2.00 / stick ;Chicken Thigh with Leek RM2.00 / stick


We are spoilt with lots of choices here. Besides mackerel fish, scallop and beef, now we have chicken wing and thigh.

Baby Octopus with Sesame RM 3.00 / stick

The baby octapus is not small. I ate baby octapus before in other place but not as big as this one. This is really surprising. 

LG-20, Tropicana City Mall, 
3 Jalan SS 20/27, 
Damansara Jaya,  
47400 Petaling Jaya

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