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Timeless Truth Instaneous Brightening Cooling Mask review


Recently I worked as extra for some pocket money. But it is not a wonderful job as we need to stand by 12 hours there. If the production team is going to shoot outdoor, then we need to work under the hot sun or get wet by rain.

大家好!我叫白晓云!呵呵!(更多我的剧照,可以去我的instagram 看看!)

从5点多出发,到达mediacorp 刚好是要接近6am, 6点多化好妆就在那等候直到7点,公司的货车才载我们出发到拍摄地点。8点开始在公园拍摄,直到7点半傍晚才收工,期间太阳公公可折磨我们得很惨,晒到不行。收工后,才发现皮肤被晒得红红的,但是我明明就有躲在树下遮阳啊!

We departed at 5 am and reached mediacorp company at 6am. At 6 something, the make up artist done the makeover on my face and the van fetched us to the shooting place. We reached a recreational park at 8am and started working until 730pm when the sun off the sky. That day was truly hot sunny day that one dare not to come out during this weather. When we back, only I noticed that my skin being burnt to red colour. I was so surprise as I hid under the trees during shooting by the way.


After removing all the make up, I found that my skin was superb dry, my eyes looked dropsy, dark circles became very obvious (seem like I did not sleep overnight), tired look and at the same time I can feel my face was hot like being burnt. Look! My neck had obvious red mark!


Then it reminded me of a mask that I won during Plus Size Kitten Easter Giveaway! It is named Timeless Truth Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask, which I waited no more to try.


Put the mask on face, the feeling is icy cool!I'm thinking is it because of the reason I store the mask in the fridge? But after comparing it with other masks, even though other masks also store at the fridge, the icy cool feeling is just a while! But icy cool feeling of TT Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask is longer!I believe you ate Menthol sweet before, one of the ingredients in the mask is menthol, which the icy cool feeling is the same.


  • STAY-C50 :能減緩及淡化已形成之黑色和斑點。
  • 傳明酸: 仰制黑色素形成,淡化黑色素。
  • 玻尿酸: 保濕鎖水強化肌膚水分。
  • 薄菏腦:能有效幫助曬後肌膚達到紓緩之效果。


  • STAY-C®50 reduces dark spots and slows down formation of melanin to allow even toned finish for the skin and brings back clarity. It is one of the best active ingredients for skin whitening, and builds a blockage for UV rays.
  • m-Tranexamic Acid is medically used in prohibiting bleeding issues. It is proven to have highly effective result in reducing melanin growth and pigmentations. m-Tranexamic acid is capable in reversing and inhibiting dark spots to fight mild inflammation.
  • Hyaluronic Acid is non-toxic that serves as the most important space filling substance in the human body. It holds water in the skin to keep collagen hydrated and provides a youthful look. Hyaluronic Acid has moisturizing capabilities on skin’s structure.
  • Menthol is derived from peppermint. It is used as a cooling agent and fragrance to give a refreshing and soothing sensation to the skin.


Next, what is other difference between TT mask and others? Put on face, the mask is super thin! When I pull off my face, the mask was tore. I heard that thin mask is good for better absorption of essence into the skin.

But I have different opinion here:
[Mask Should Not Be Too Thin.
Do we need to apply a thick layer of mask? Yes!
Deposited thick mask on face increases the skin temperature and promote blood circulation. Nutrients can spread into the cell better. The water that can not evaporate will be retained in the epidermis and keeps the skin smooth and tight. Thermal effect will soften the skin, expand the pores and let the accumulated dirt inside discharge.]

It seem that the explanation is logic. Then I become confuse now...thin or thick?


tadah...done! As the lighting during shooting was not same, it looked like my face at the first picture was fairer. But what easily detected was that after applying the mask, no more tired and dull face, I looked better and energetic! Last but not least, there are no hot burn feeling anymore!

TT mask 可以在 订购,价钱是RM8 一片。
TT mask can be purchase from, the price is at RM8 per piece.


  1. 很久没当临演了。。。怀念啊。。。

    1. 哇,很有研究哦!我得空也要做下比较,是否韩国的比较厚。

  2. 我喜欢薄的,感觉比较服帖自在。

    1. 也有道理,薄的的确比较服帖

  3. Ohh , i want yo try .. As u said most of the masks give cooling sensation for a minute , but if this give a cooling effect for long , then I surely need it,,
    Dont forget to enter my giveaway.
    Keep in touch,

    1. yes..u can have a try by purchasing with TT


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