Changbeer makes our moments memorable!

In a land where everyone is a friend,
Where togetherness is a way of life,
Where everything is made to be shared,
A beer definitely a must on a table during the festival.
I believe Chang beer able to bring people together
Turn moments into memories
And build lifelong bonds

Chang (Thai: ช้าง) is the Thai word for elephant, an animal with cultural and historical significance in ThailandTake a look at the packaging. The logo at the label features two elephants facing each other. 

The new green Chang bottles look more classic, elegant, better contour and good hand feel. The new bottle also makes one looks classy too.

The fresh taste of Chang Beer’s unique golden brew is created through a time honoured brewing process and a selection of the finest ingredients the world has to offer – from the deep-water wells of Thailand to the finest yeast and hops the rest of the world has to offer.

Chang Beer has a pleasant full flavour, with a subtle fruit and hop aroma, delivering a natural easy-to-drink brew. The barley specially selected for Chang has a low level of protein, to give the lager its bright, golden clarity.

Extracted from over 200 metres below the ground in Thailand,our deep-water wells provide drinker with a soft water that is not only low in mineral content but completely free of contaminants.

Their malted barley is imported from the finest fields throughout Europe and the USA depending on the quality of the harvest. It is this very specific selection process that gives Chang its full-bodied flavor and light golden appearance.

The micro-organism responsible for fermenting the beer, the yeast used in Chang Beer has been carefully chosen for its smoky, herby and fruity aromas.

Hops are flowers of a perennial vine that add flavour to the beer and balance the sweetness of the malt. The best quality European and American hops are used in Chang, and lend the brew its bitter, floral and citrus notes.

It is more fun with Chang beer when dining out with friends. It makes our topic of conversation less stressful. It is especially true when you need to distress and let out all the steam to your friend- which I do it occasionally. Look, my friend seems to be very satisfied with his drink!

I would love to choose Chang beer as our occasional drink during the bonding time with friends and family. #Changbeer makes our moments memorable.


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