Red Planet Hotel Hat Yai

The hotel I stayed during my short excursion to Hat Yai is Red Planet Hotel which is located at the center of town. It is also 10 minutes walking distance from Lee Garden Plaza. The bus stopped us in front of KBES bus office which is just in front of Lee Garden Plaza. I was clueless where the Red Planet located at first but with help of the local, it was much easier when they gave you the direction based on the map. Hat Yai map can be obtained at any travel agent counter or hotel at the street.

It was not time for check in yet. So we put the luggage at the luggage room (just next to the counter), and kept the important belongings in our bags that we brought around. We came back at 2pm+ for check in, and my friend left me as he booked another hotel 30 minutes away. That's his choice as he chose to stay at cheaper room which also bit far away from the center of the town. 

For the check in on 1 Jan, it was quite a long waiting time. Some of the rooms were not ready yet. The lady at the counter kept talking with walkie-talkie in Thai with another staff at another site to confirm the room status.
Finally I managed to get my room. It was RM200+ per twin bed room for 2 nights. I was satisfied with the cleanliness of the hotel but I was not felt great with the toilet as its badly smell like someone just poo before he left 5 minutes ago :(

The shampoo and body cleanser is at the red dispenser. Towel is provided. Although it looks like Tune Hotel, but as far as I remember Tune Hotel does not provide towel, toiletries and WIFI. Towel, toiletries, WIFI and air-conditioner need extra charges or room with higher rate.

The room is spacious. Hair dryer, writing table and TV are available. But they don't have fridge, coffee packs, cups, water heater and drinking water.



6 litres of drinking water I bought on second nights :S


The hotel room looks great and new. I did not being disturbed by anything throughout my stay as I slept alone.  I would consider coming back again next time :D

To book the hotel, you can check it here


  1. Love the last Pic, you look super gorgeous Emily :)

    lovely Greetings

  2. Love a spacious hotel room. Usually hotels would give complimentary water bottle to guests. This is the 1st hotel I heard that don't do so.

  3. Wow..that is really spacious, Emily. Good hotel! ^.^


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