Art Exhibition @ First World Hotel

What could you do besides sight seeing and chilling at Genting Highlands? Well, you could come to lobby of Tower 3, First World Hotel for a special art exhibition.The art exhibition is currently on going until 31st March 2016, featuring the artworks by 25 talented artists from Sweden, Indonesia, Qatar, Japan, the Philippines and Malaysia. Themed “Everyone Can Paint, Paint from Our Heart,” the exhibition is the first of its kind to be held at the world's largest hotel—the distinction enjoyed by First World Hotel since it earned the Guinness World Records title last year with its record 7,351 rooms.


The paintings showcased here are fresh, playful and colourful.

One of the event's most unique features: the artwork by a talented one-year-old named Zoey Ng. She is perhaps the best embodiment of how “everyone can paint and paint from the heart.

The art exhibition is held in conjunction with the opening of the newly set up annex lobby—it serves as a platform for talented artistic people to showcase their works to visitors from all over the world. 
The exhibition aims to showcase art pieces to reach broader audiences and at the same time, bring people together by spreading the message of peace, love and harmony. Hence “please do not judge” is one of the objectives of the exhibition.
The artists featured: Astrid Bokstrom (from Sweden), Cynthia Darman (Indonesia), Julia Fransesca Groenenboom (Qatar), Kousaku Umeda (Japan), Lydia Darman (Indonesia), Richard Leosala (the Philippines) and Yuusaku Umeda (Japan).

The Malaysian artists featured are Delaney Ng, Emmanuel Cheun, Jared Ng, Lim Cheng Yuan, Lim Cheng Zhao, Lim Hui Wern, Sam Kaylene, Soo Sze May, SooPaye Kean, Stuart Ng, Wee Zhong Ren, Wee Zhong Shin, Yap Hao Yu, Yap Yi Wee, Yung Mu Jein, Zachary Ng and Zoey Ng.


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