Jeruk Madu Pak Ali @ Penang

For the last day of our visit,  we stopped over at Pak Ali factory. FYI, Pak Ali Jeruk Madu is well known among local Malay. The current CEO of Pak Ali Jeruk is Alias bin Ali. He has been in marketing, catering, food and beverage industry for 20 years.

Jeruk madu= honey pickle

The founder is Ali Omar, or we called him Pak Ali. In the early day back to 1985, Pak Ali started off his business in small scale, helped only by his wife and family member. 

In 2009, Pak Ali set up his first factory in Lot 420, Perda Tasek, Simpang Ampat with 7000 square feet. By that time, he only had 6 workers but monthly production of pickle achieved 10 tonnes. With all the hard works, he had 85 trained workers in July 2014 with monthly production of 120 tonnes in current factory covering 54,131 square feet.


After a brief introduction of the founder and the business,  we were given permission to visit the factory's production.


The first section is the store for finished product. They put the pickles in a big plastic bag before putting in the white bucket. 


pile up of white sugars
Next, we headed over to the workers' changing room to get into the wet area/ processing plant.



The only area where you saw all the women sitting down to peel and cut the fruits. The process of peeling and cutting up the fruits according to size requires 35 people daily. They each have to cut at least 150kg of fruits a day.


Lot 652-655, Kawasan Perindustrian IKS Perda-Tasek,
14120, Simpang Ampat, Seberang Perai Selatan,
Pulau Pinang.


  1. Great job on this post we understand the process.

  2. Wow, such a cool post. ^^
    Have a nice week...

  3. This is so interesting, Emily. You have the coolest experiences!
    Got recipe? ^.^

    1. hahaha i did not record down
      just knowing they add white sugar and honey

  4. Jeruk Madu Pak Ali is my favorite pickle ^^

  5. its look fun, I hope I could meet u when I visit Kuala Lumpur for holiday :D

  6. Wow. Jeruk also can be a big business. Well done to the founder.

  7. Amazing post ! This visit looks very interesting :)


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