Fitness in Fun @ Jump Streets Trampoline Park Penang

Jump Streets Trampoline Park is something new in Malaysia. Jump Street Penang is officially opened for public on the 10 January 2015 for Penangites to have fun in fitness. Jump Street Penang (JSP) is set within D'Piazza (quiet and less occupied) mall in Bayan Baru. Covering 27,000 square feet, JSP features 8 attractions of who which are exclusive only for Jump Street Penang.


Before we had our trial in the park, we were brought into a room for briefing about the background of JPS.


 It features the main court where you can show off your parkour moves and leap from mat to mat.

If you want to test your balance, reflexes, strength and skills while having fun trying to hit your opponent with the ball, Dodge Ball court is where you should head to. Slam Dunk is where you can fly through the air and slam dunk the basketball like a NBA star.


The trampoline park also features Foam Pit where people can fly high to do double or triple flip and land safely in thousands of soft foam cubes.


All jumpers must wear Jump Street grip socks for safety reason and these are available for RM4.50 per pair.

The court that caters for truly serious athlete to polish skills and improve fitness level is the High Performance area which consist of 6 Olympic spec trampolines and 3 vertical walls.


Finally the 2 attractions which are exclusively in Penang are Tower Jump, a leaping platform where you can defy gravity until you safely land into a cloud like giant air bag which cushions your jump and Battle Beam which releases your inner gladiator while you take on all the challengers on a 12 foot Battle Beam with super cushioned battle sticks.


Safety is always the priority at JSP. Specially trained and qualified Jump Referees will be facilitating and monitoring activities at each court. Moreover, the trampolines are put in place by the experts.

JSP has a diverse range of trampoline activities that leaving people feeling fun apart from burning the extra fat in the body.

Calories Burned Trampolining :
After jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes, a 150-pound adult burns around 42 calories. A 30 minute workout burns 126 calories. The same 30 minute workout performed by a 200-pound individual burns 167 calories. The exact number of calories burned during a workout depend on the intensity of the bouncing and the type of jumps performed. It also depends on the height, weight and age of the participant. The heavier you are the more calories you burn while bouncing. (from:

It is believed that trampolining is an effective low impact form of exercise. The intense workout for the cardiovascular system and muscles helps increase metabolic rate and all-over muscle tone. What you waiting for? Come to jump today for a better health!

Admission fee:
Off peak (Mon - Wed): RM20 (first hour); RM17 (second hour)
Peak (Thu - Sun, public holiday): RM25 (first hour); RM22 (second hour)
Multi visit passes RM170
For more information, visit: JumpStreetAsia 
Instagram: JumpStreetAsia 

The Atrium @ D'Piazza Mall
70, Jalan Mahsuri,
Bayan Baru,
11900 Bayan Lepas,
Pulau Pinang.


  1. Emily this looks like so much fun aren't you lucky to participate awesome post.

  2. Seems so funny! I would love to try!


  3. Replies
    1. yes of course
      trainer is there to help the beginner
      but of course one must follow the instructions

  4. It looks fun. Like those in gymnastic event.

  5. Such an interesting place for everyone, right. I want to try it someday, thou.

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  8. This place is amazing ! So funny ! :)

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