David Brown Restaurant @ Penang Hill

David Brown's at Strawberry Hill, a quintessential British colonial Restaurant and Tea Terraces is a hidden gem at Penang Hill. 

David Brown's now stands was believed to have been originally leveled by Captain Francis Light for planting strawberries which grew well here until the outbreak of the Second World War in 1941.

Amidst the lush greenery, this 'hill upon a hill' restaurant standing on Strawberry Hill provides the perfect setting for meaningful memories - whether it is wedding, lifestyle parties or just chilling out with loved ones and friends.

David Brown’s offers a view of almost every significant landmark in the Penang island. 


The well-manicured garden with iconic lily pond sets the scene for al fresco dinning for 50 guests or more.

The interior of the restaurant is thoughtfully furnished with comfortable old world furnishing of a past elegance and can accommodate 40 guests.

Besides authentic heritage ambience, David Brown provides fine British cooking and a selection of Penang Specialties.   



There is a variety of hors d'oeuvres, steaks and chops, fresh puddings and pies and traditional roasts in the menu, which also offers a vegetarian selection.

Recommended to come in the late evening so that you can enjoy the view before and after sunset ^^


For reservations, call:

David Brown’s Restaurant and Tea Terraces
Strawberry Hill, Penang Hill
Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 04-828 8337
Fax: 04-826 6337
Email: info@penanghillco.com.my
Opens: 9am to 9pm daily


  1. What a beautiful cosy place, Emily. Would love to visit one day since I go to Penang regularly.

  2. Really a wonderful restaurant to be. On top of the hill overlooking the city. I would love to go there to enjoy the sunset.

  3. What a classic touch to the house. The night view is breathtaking too =)

  4. That restaurant looks peaceful and nice ^-^

  5. Wonderful view ! This place is stunning !
    Kisses beautiful Emily :)

  6. I really like these photos! I'd love to go to these places c; what camera did you use?

    Little Moon Elephant

    1. hahahahaha im using a cheap smartphone only

  7. Lovely restaurant, dear! Happy week! xoxo

  8. Such fabulous restaurant it is! The food looks very tasty. I am drooling over each and everything that has been shown here. Well, we also would be hosting our engagement party soon and will be booking such nice event space for this family bash.


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