My Favourite Toothbrush Now: Systema 0.02 mm Spiral

Do you face any problem when brushing your teeth? I do. I have bleeding gum last time when brushing my teeth. If you have same problem, look what I found that might relieve your problem as well.


This is how the toothbrush looks like after one month trial.

While brushing my teeth, I always think that the harder I brush, the cleaner it will be. But this is absolutely wrong because dentists recommend to brush teeth gently as brushing vigorously can erode the tooth enamel. Besides, excessive brushing could expose the root of the tooth and gums to irritation and might lead to sensitive teeth.


Close look: Super slim 0.02 bristles

In line with this, Systema, a leading oral care expert and the first to introduce the 0.02mm  (1/20 the size of normal bristles) bristle tip toothbrushes in Malaysia, presents a new variant – Systema Spiral that removes 40% more plaque without brushing hard. 

因为这缘故,Systema, 领先的口腔护理专家和第一个在马来西亚介绍0.02mm (1/20 普通牙刷刷毛的体积)刷毛的牙刷,推介新的系列- Systema Spiral 可以不用很出力的洗刷也可以去除多40%的斑块。

Systema Spiral

Systema Spiral has special hexagonal shaped bristles twisted together to form spirals – enabling six sharp sides to scrape away plaque on tooth surface more effectively. Whilst its 0.02 mm slim bristles tip penetrate deeper to remove more plaque along the hard to reach gum lines and inter dental.The toothbrush also has a thumb grip for better control and comfort. It comes in four different handle colours, namely Orange, Green, Blue and Pink. Systema Spiral is available in most hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide. Purchase the new Systema Spiral at RM8.90 for a pack of one or RM17.80 for a pack of three. 

Systema Spiral 有特别六边形刷毛捻在一起,以形成螺旋-使六尖角更有效地刮掉牙齿表面斑块。而其0.02毫米超薄刷毛尖端穿透更深,以去除更多沿着难以到达胶线的牙菌斑。牙刷也有拇指握槽以更好地控制和给予更多的舒适性。有四种握槽颜色包括橘色,青色,蓝色和粉红色。Systema Spiral 在全国的超级市场都有出售。Systema Spiral 以一支RM8.90 出售或者是RM17.90 三支。


I got a Systema toothbrush from FB campaign which gave out free sampling for public to try few months ago. The caption at the packaging is very catchy:

*Extreme Clean
*Remove 40% more plaque
*0.02 mm bristles

Honestly after 1 month trial, I have no issue with bleeding gum. The bristles are soft and flexible which I really like it compare with the normal toothbrush I used that was harsh to my teeth even though labeled as soft. Definitely I will purchase it after the sample trying. 

我是几个月前在FB campaign 里获得这支免费试用的牙刷。



Systema comes in 6 variants. Besides Systema Spiral,  there are Systema Compact, Systema Comfort, Systema Full Head, Systema Bi Level and Systema Sensitive.  

Systema 有6种系列。除了 Systema Spiral,它还有Systema Compact, Systema Comfort, Systema Full Head, Systema Bi Level 以及Systema Sensitive。

Also, those excited for an opportunity to sample Systema Spiral can log on to to be updated on how and when to participate. For more information on the new Systema Spiral, please visit or engage with them on their Facebook page at

还有若你们有兴趣试用这Systema Spiral 牙刷的话,可以去 看看如何获取。更多Systema Spiral的资料,可以游览或者


  1. Darlie also got this type of tooth brush, 0.01mm some more with the charcoal, price is lower too.

  2. I actually heard once from a Dentist that if we bleed during washing out teeth is because there's somehow infection and that we should actually keep washing that place.
    My grandfather will have an appointment tomorrow, I can always ask :3

    Take care*

  3. Hi dear!
    Great post and recomendation, thanks for sharing

  4. Sounds like a pretty good buy, Emily! Nice review!

  5. Sounds great, I use an electric tooth brush by Oral-B, I love it! Nice and helpful post!

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  6. Great info! thanks for sharing!


  7. Nice Info.. Hopefully I get the toothbrush here :)

    1. visit their website for more information dear

  8. Looks good, Emily - I would buy it!

  9. The bristles look sos soft! Looking forward to seeing your next post! Have a fun day.

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  10. Looks like a great toothbrush. Thanks for sharing it.

  11. My gums bleed sometimes I totally need these!


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