BCL Malaysia BFF Makeup Party

Last Sunday I was invited to BCL makeover workshop. BCL stands for Beauty Creative Lab, a famous beauty brand from Japan.

上星期,我受邀出席 BCL化妆工作坊。BCL的意思是Beauty Creative Lab,是个日本出名的美妆品牌。

Have you seen any brand above? They are all under BCL company.


Notes for the workshop is printed for our reference.

#selfie first- just drew my eyebrow and put some foundation at home..very light makeover before coming to the workshop as I wanted to test and use BCL products.


This time they invited renowned Japan makeup artist Hiroki San who worked for 'Make Up Forever' and beauty magazine previously. Currently he is freelance make up artist in Japan.

这次他们邀请日本的化妆师 Hiroki San来教学。他之前在Make Up Forever'以及美容杂志工作过。现在在日本是自由化妆师。

It was quite interesting workshop as Hiroki San demonstrated to us the way to makeup for 'Cool Beauty' theme and 'Japanese Idol' theme. For 'Cool Beauty', it is defined and mature look. On the other hand, to look like 'Japanese Idol', the keyword of the makeup is supernatural.

这是个有趣的工作坊因为Hiroki San会为我们示范怎样画 'Cool Beauty' 以及  'Japanese Idol' 主题的妆容。'Cool Beauty' 是给较显着和成熟的样貌。另一边厢,'Japanese Idol'则是偏于超自然的妆容。

The very first step is to apply face powder. There are only 2 shades for Clearlast face powder.

化妆的第一步骤是上粉底。Clearlast 粉底有2种色调。 


Browlash Ex W Eyebrow Pencil and Liquid is great for 'Cool Beauty' look.

要画'Cool Beauty' 妆容,Browlash Ex W Eyebrow Pencil and Liquid是最好的装备。

Browlash Ex W Eyebrow Gel Pencil and Powder - more suitable for those who want to create 'Japanese Idol' look. 

Browlash Ex W Eyebrow Gel Pencil and Powder -很适合想要创造 'Japanese Idol' 妆容的人。

For the model's right face, Hiroki San demonstrated the way to make 'Cool Beauty' look while another he was doing 'Japanese Idol' look.

在模特的右脸,Hiroki San示范如何画 'Cool Beauty' 妆容,另外一边脸,他则画'Japanese Idol'妆容。


Joanne, my bff was not sure the way to draw her eyebrow and asked him for help.



Any difference for right and left? It is very obvious that there is difference!


For right face (Cool Beauty look), the eye brow angle is more sharp and the eye shadow is applied at the outer corner of the eyes and slowly blend to inner corner. 

在右脸(Cool Beauty 妆容), 眼眉的角比较尖,眼影打在外面的眼角,慢慢从外面熏到里面。

For her left face, her eye brow is not drawn so obviously upward and angled, it is flat and the colour is lighter. Then the eye shadow is applied at the inner corner of her eyes and slowly blend to outer corner of the eyes.



Next, the eyeliner.  Look the difference! For the 'Cool Beauty' make up look, one needs to choose a dark eyeliner and draw upwards. On the other hand, for natural 'Japanese Idol' look, Hiroki San choose to use brown colour and draw a line close to eyes which was longer but flat.

接下来,眼线。看看分别! 要画'Cool Beauty' 的妆容,只需要选深的眼线和往上画便可以。另一边,自然的'Japanese Idol' 妆容,Hiroki San选择使用巧克力色把眼线画得长一些只是没有往上画而已。


Way to apply eyeliner for 'Cool Beauty' look 
'Cool Beauty'妆容眼线的方法


Way to apply eyeliner for 'Japanese Idol' look
'Japanese Idol'妆容眼线的方法


Comparing both...which one you like?  'Cool Beauty' or 'Japanese Idol'?

比较这两个...哪一个你比较喜欢呢? 'Cool Beauty' or 'Japanese Idol'?


Next interesting product is the washable mascara. Hiroki San said it is easy to remove by warm water. It is a great news for me as I myself find hard to remove mascara and troublesome to apply this and that.

下一个有趣的产品是可洗 睫毛膏。Hiroki San说只需要用温水就可轻易去除。这对我怕麻烦的人来说是好事,我无需搽这个那个便轻易卸妆。


Again, he made trick to her face. The right eyelashes are more curler compared with the left eyelashes.



That's the look after done the eye makeover. 

Whereas for blusher part, he put on more pinkish colour on model face for 'Japanese Idol' look. For 'Cool Beauty' look, he put lighter pink upwards along the cheekbone. 

在腮红的部分,为了 'Japanese Idol' 妆容,他在模特的脸上涂上较深的粉红。而为了营造'Cool Beauty' 妆容,他则打了较轻的粉红在颧骨上。


I also done with my 'Japanese Idol' look but without blusher and lipstick as they did not provide....hehehe still not bad right? 

我也画好了 'Japanese Idol'的妆容,只是没有上腮红和口唇因为他们没提供...哈哈还不错吧?

To know more about BCL, you can visit: www.facebook.com/bclmalaysia 



  1. Really nice pictures :)
    I wish to try some of these cosmetics. Greetings!


  2. Awesome post and cool makeup done well.

  3. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures. Fabulous event. Keep in touch

  4. I never heard about this brand but I'm really curious :3
    Take care*

    1. may be available in SEA so far
      soon will be in Portugal ^^

  5. Nice pictures! So lovely post

    xx, Ana Carolina
    Instagram e Twitter: @simplesglamour

  6. incredibly interesting event.
    you look great

  7. 哈哈, 我很少化妆, 不过一个人化妆后, 分别很大, 整个人精神许多。。。

    1. 真的会分别很大的 :)

  8. great event!

  9. I didn't know this company. But great event.

  10. i would love to attend something like this - it looks really interesting :)

  11. Super cute! I love the brow products. Definitely one of the most important elements of the face.

  12. Make-up party..sounds fun!
    I love all the products, and your watermark is so cute! :)

  13. The event sounds awesome :) Love both of your make-up looks :) xx Maja
    - http://modern-muffin.blogspot.co.at/

  14. Beautiful make up!

  15. Nice workshop, but I've also never heard of those brands. Wonder if they've outlets in Singapore.
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  17. nice posts... wish you have a great weekend..


  18. Gorgeous girls. Looks like you two had a great time :D


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