The Must Try Satay Tulang Jelebu @ Senawang

This time I will share about a famous street food I visited with Santai Travel Magazine team. It is about 16 minutes drive from Klana Resort Seremban. From the picture, you already know that it is satay. But it is not something common as in other place. This satay is named Satay Tulang Jelebu (Jelebu Rib Satay).

这次我会分享我与Santai Travel Magazine 团队到访的著名街边小吃。从Klana Resort Seremban,大概只需要16分钟的时间。从照片,你已经知道是沙爹。但是这与其他地方的不一样。这沙爹名字叫Satay Tulang Jelebu。

The satay is originated from a place called Jelebu, and as it made with tulang (rib) besides meat, therefore it is named Satay Tulang Jelebu. According to the business owner, satay tulang was invented by his ancestor before Malaysia gained independence. That time satay was sold with kandar (formidable stick that is slung across one’s shoulder to carry heavy objects that hang on both ends of the stick).

这沙爹源自于一个叫Jelebu的地方,里面除了肉还有骨,所以才有这Satay Tulang Jelebu 的名字。根据业主,satay tulang是他祖宗在马来西亚独立前所发明的。当时他的祖宗是挑着担子售卖沙爹。


The business is inherited till now, that is more than 57 years history. Currently Satay Tulang becomes added menu around Malaysia whereby no one knows about it before this.Their business getting better after hard work put in to promote Satay Tulang through Negeri Sembilan Tourism Promotion Program since 2003. Today it is well known among the local.

生意传至当今已经有超过57年历史。现今satay tulang已在马来西亚的附加餐单内,之前还未有人知晓。自2003年起,通过森美兰的旅游促销计划,他们极力推广沙爹,至今生意蒸蒸日上。今天在本地已是蛮有名气的。

After that, a lot of other satay hawker starts to take initiative of making the satay tulang. Therefore, we see a lot of different satay tulang available in market such as Satay Tulang KL, Satay Tulang Senawang, Satay Tulang Kelantan and etc.

过后,很多的沙爹小贩也开始学做satay tulang。所以就可以在市场上看到各类的satay tulang如Satay Tulang KL, Satay Tulang Senawang, Satay Tulang Kelantan 等等。

But the undeniable fact is that Satay Tulang Jelebu is the pioneer of satay tulang in the market.

不过一个不可否认的事实是 Satay Tulang Jelebu是市场上的先驱。

 Satay Tulang Jelebu is favorited by many because the spices and mixtures in satay tulang is made and blended traditionally following the ancestor's recipe. Second, it is processed and sold without freezing too long so that the spices can be tasted till the last bite. This step also makes sure that the satay stays fresh when taken into mouth.

Satay Tulang Jelebu 获许多饕客的喜爱是因为使用的香料和混合物都是依祖宗的传统秘方所制。第二,沙爹没经过太长的结冻时间便加工和出售,以便香料的味道吃到最后一口还可以享受得到。这步骤也确保沙爹保持新鲜。

 Even though the rib is hard basically but Satay Tulang Jelebu is crumbled when eat. 

虽然骨头是硬的但是Satay Tulang Jelebu咬的时候就碎了。

Satay Tulang Jelebu paste is made with 70% of nuts from the total content. Thus, it is very tasty. When dip the satay to the paste, it will stick and stay on the satay itself.

Satay Tulang Jelebu 的酱70%都是用花生弄的。所以非常美味。当把沙爹沾去酱汁时,它会粘和留在沙爹上面。

 A complete set of satay comes with onions, cucumber and nasi himpit (tasteless white rice). Of course you could just eat the grilled meat but it is advisable to eat the cucumber and onion to cool down the body. The nasi himpit on the other hand is just an add on to make one feel full. But normally I don't take as it is bland tasteless.


The current sales achievement of satay is about 2500 sticks per day. The number increasing during weekend and school holidays. There are visitors who come outside of Negeri Sembilan to have a taste of the well known Satay Tulang Jelebu.

这档的沙爹目前销量是2500支一天。在周末和学校假期,销售率更多。有些顾客从森美兰州以外的地方到访为了就是品尝这著名的 Satay Tulang Jelebu。

Prices of satay 沙爹价格:
Satay Tulang (rib 骨头) RM 1.10
Satay Ayam (chicken 鸡肉) RM 0.70
Satay Daging (beef 牛肉) RM 0.70
Ketupat (rice 饭团) RM 1

Apart from the Seri Menanti Royal Museum, here is another reason why you should travel to Negeri Sembilan! See you all in next post! Have a great weekend!

除了我之前介绍的 Seri Menanti Royal Museum,这是你另个必到森美兰游玩的原因!下次再见!祝有个欢乐的周末!

Address 地址:
Restoran Bundo Kanduang
123G, Jalan Commercial 5,

Dataran Senawang,
70450 Seremban, 

Negeri Sembilan,

For enquiry:
Abu Mansor Bin Abu Sammah


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  7. 原来有一种satay叫satay tulang, 我还是第一次听说, 要在这里找找看~

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