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11月中了,我才写了2篇博文,真的有够慢!唉,我还欠人家很多文章哦!先分享我早前去过的Victoria Bakery 蛋糕咖啡店,到底有什么特别呢?

It has been mid of November but I only have 2 posts up. I have been too slow in writing. First and foremost I would like to share with you all a special shop I went before-Victoria Bakery.


I had been here to buy the durian cake which I fall in love after tasting it.


Walking in, the front part of shop selling bread while the right hand side is cake counter and cashier while the left part is chair and table. What make me feel special is they prepare a place for customer to sit down enjoying a slice of cake and sipping a coffee.


At the cake counter, they are selling varieties of cakes.


Now this is the owner, he is friendly and generous! He held the newly baked baguette and told us that the bread can sing! Well, he did not say wrongly, the bread really can came up with 'pilipala' sound!

Osaka Chantilly
0.5kg – RM 38
1kg – RM 65

先介绍店内最畅销好卖的Osaka Chantilly,这整个蛋糕给我置身于冰天雪地的感觉。最玄的是中间还夹着芒果布丁呢!

First, I would like to introduce the best selling cake- Osaka Chantilly. It is topped with cream and sugar thus it lets me to think myself at the icy snowy land during winter time. The most interesting part is that they even put mango pudding in between.

Mocha Hazelnut
0.5kg – RM 38
1kg – RM 65

The taste of hazelnut is kinda heavy, I do not like the nutty taste in cake, therefore this is not my liking. 

German Black Forest
0.5kg – RM 35
1kg – RM 58

It reminded me of a Chinese drama. It is not sweet totally but sour at the middle part.

Blueberry Royale
0.5kg – RM 35
1kg – RM 58
Blueberry Royale 共有3层,hmmm甜甜的水果味!

There is 3 layers of Blueberry Royale, I like the sweet fruity taste!

Mango Heaven
0.5kg – RM 35
1kg – RM 58

Whenever I think of mango, the first thought is sour. But this time, the mango in the cake tastes sweet without sour. It suits my taste bud.

0.5kg – RM 38
1kg – RM 65
Tiramisu 蛋糕,一口咬下,满口是松软的奶油,但是很美味!

The soft creamy bite of tiramisu is yummy!

Lemon Mousse Cheese
0.5kg – RM 38
1kg – RM 65
谁可以想到那酸酸的柠檬也可以拿来做蛋糕?不过lemon mousse cheese 经过老板的巧手,吃起来不甜不酸,味道适中,咬下去还有柠檬皮在内,柠檬和芝士竟然那么合拍!

Who can think of using lemon to make a cake? The owner cum the pastry chef uses his expertise to make the not so sweet and not so sour lemon mousse cheese, giving a balanced and delicious taste! There is lemon peel in the cake.

Oreo Cheesecake
0.5kg – RM 38
1kg – RM 65
Besides lemon and cheese, we have cheese with oreo too.

Chocolate Royale
0.5kg – RM 35
1kg – RM 58
喜欢巧克力的我,当然不会放过chocolate royale。虽然放了巧克力,但是并不甜,反而咖啡味很重,所以带点苦。

For chocolate lover like me, I definitely would not like to miss chocolate royale. Even though they put in chocolate, it is not sweet but with heavy coffee taste. So for me, it is a bit bitter.

Chocolate Ice Blended
RM 4.90
Drink I had at the shop.

No 3, Ground Floor, 
Jalan Perdana 2, 
Taman Segar Perdana, 
43200 Cheras, 
Kuala Lumpur


  1. 好多 好多 美味吸引人的蛋糕 :)

  2. All the cakes are so well decorated, I wish I could pull very thing out from computer screen
    Keep in touch,

  3. 这次又有多少人吃这么多片蛋糕??

    1. 7 个人,不过最后还是我扫完,因为他们几个女生都怕肥

  4. To: Victoria Bakery (Taman Segar Perdana Branch)

    To: Victoria Bakery (Taman Segar Perdana Branch)
    Poor in customer service, on call for this branch get decline cases from the front desk, keep bad in attitude !!
    Never come again !! Bad attitude ! Bad service !

    1. Hi madam, please use the platform kindly. For complains, I think you can direct voice out to their facebook admin instead of vent your dissatisfaction here. I'm not the owner or worker for the bakery shop.


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