初尝全球最贵的猫屎咖啡@ Lonbay The Farm's Best Coffee

猫屎咖啡之前去Tanjung Sepat 的咖啡提炼工厂已经听闻过,但是从未尝试该味道如何。那时候自己就在那里胡思乱想说,会不会有屎的味道在?哈哈哈

I heard of Civet Coffee when I paid my visit to Tanjung Sepat coffee factory last time but I never know how it tasted. So that time I wondered will there be fxxxx taste in the coffee? LOL


I always heard from some people, one only get to drink this coffee in Indonesia as they kept Civet cat at coffee farm. But I believe most of us do not know that Malaysia selling Civet coffee too! Lonbay owner has planted Liberica coffee trees at Yong Peng and kept Civet roaming freely at the farm. Thus, Lonbay produces and serves own farm Civet coffee to local. As Feng Shui man said the farm location looks like the backbone of the dragon, it was then named Lonbay from Chinese pronunciation (龙'long' 背 'bei').


I believe most of the people already know how Civet coffee being produced. Civet coffee tastes less bitter and has been widely noted as most expensive coffee in the world due to its low production.


I was lucky that day not only able get to taste Civet coffee but also watch how they are brewed. Pouring the Civet coffee powder at the beaker on top of the round beaker with water in it, switch on the bunsen burner and within a minute all were done. That was like doing an experiment in lab.

Kopi Luwak (Rare coffee bean digested by civet cat) RM110.00

看完了精彩的‘表演’,是时候‘叹’下全球最贵的咖啡。这么一小壶也要叫价RM110, 不过比起要特地飞去印尼享用,这里算起来还是比较划算。

After watching the good show, now it is the time for me to sit down and taste it. For this small round beaker of Civet coffee, it costs RM110, but compares as to take a flight to Indonesia to taste it, it is worth.


Lonbay Coffee Enzyme – Hot RM9.00

喝完咖啡,我们还有得享用Lonbay另个特色- 咖啡酶,据说是从Liberica咖啡豆提炼出来的,对身体是否有帮助?我还是保持中立。

After Civet coffee tasting, next we have another speciality in shop- coffee enzyme. I was told that the enzyme extracted from Liberica coffee bean. Are they beneficial to body? I stay to be neutral.

Kaya & Butter (Home-made Kaya) RM3.00
听说这是他们自家做的面包,不添加漂白剂和软化剂。Kaya 也是自己做。漂亮的巧克力色据说是因为添加了焦糖的关系。

They make own bread too. They do not add in softener, colouring in the bread. The bread appears to be brownish colour because of the caramel.

Club Sandwich RM8.50


We have cheese, ham, cucumber, tomato and eggs in the club sandwich, it is abundant.

Fried Butter Sotong  RM15.00

Lonbay 在吉隆坡共有3间,除了一样有售卖咖啡饮料外,食物售卖方面却有差别。Paradigm Mall 售卖糕点为主,TTDI 跑高级餐厅概念而这里Kota Damansara 则是中餐饮食为主。不知怎么的觉得有点跳tone,一个面包,另个是酥炸苏东,我到底是吃早餐?还是午餐?话说回来,这酥炸苏东配上那一丝丝的鸡蛋黄牛油,真的很好吃!

There are 3 Lonbay outlets in KL. Other than selling Civet coffee and other drinks, each runs with different concepts. Paradigm Mall Lonbay outlet mainly selling pastry, TTDI Lonbay outlet going for high class restaurant concept while Kota Damansara here is coming out with Chinese food. Just now I'm having bread and now comes a plate of fried butter sotong, I'm wondering I'm having breakfast or lunch? Well, fried butter sotong does not disappoint me, we all love it.

Fried Chicken Wings RM8.00

This plate of fried chicken wing is Lonbay home based recipe. The chicken wings are marinated with vegetables juice before frying, it is treated differently than others.

Vahaha@cowcium Yogurt - Honey Peach RM9.00


The beautiful colours of layering yogurt drink is good for digestion. They adds fruit in the drink and that is simply enjoying to have it.

Vahaha@smoothies - Strawberry RM9.00 

Having a glass of cold drink for hot weather is always good for quenching our thirst.

Lemonade – Cold RM7.50

Coffee Latte - Regular RM8.00


I don't know why I am drinking too many different colours of drink with different temperatures that day. Back to the topic, the coffee latte is somewhat artistic for me.

Long Black - Regular RM8.00
I'm not coffee lover, so for this cup of black coffee, it was bitter.

No 15G, Jalan PJU 5/20E, 
Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara, 
47180 Petaling Jaya,


  1. 一次同时喝这么多饮料吗?

    1. hehe yes I tasted all but finished the whole cup or glass but practice sharing with other friends ^^

    2. sorry typo error: hehe yes I tasted all but not finished the whole cup or glass myself instead practice sharing with other friends ^^

    3. 我还以为你一个人叫了这么多饮料喝,原来有朋友一起的啊?

    4. 还有Moola 的员工和FOOD的editor

    5. 炸鸡翼最吸引我。。。

  2. 那个咖啡真的是要一滴滴来品尝,不然浪费了。

    1. 哇,你好惜福。

    2. 哈哈,大口喝下去就品尝不到了。

    3. hahah 就因为自己不大识货咯

  3. The lemonade sour meh ha? I cannot remember dy...

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