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I like mille crepe. Mille crepe was brought into Malaysia back in mid 20 th century. Not long ago, my blogger friend introduced me a new brand of mille crepe in town. She told me this was opened by her friend's friend. The mille crepe business is run by Junn, who is a very determined and passionate youth spending 3 years to start off the business.

我喜欢千层蛋糕。千层蛋糕在20世纪中已被带入大马。不久前,一位部落客朋友介绍我一个在市区内的新起的千层糕品牌。她说这是她朋友的朋友所开。后来才知道原来是一名年轻,有毅力且热诚的Junn 前前后后花了3年时间才开成的网店。

Instead of sitting comfortably in an air-conditioned office with high paid salary, he decided to follow his father's foot step by staying in the kitchen and finally Crepes 21 is born.

放弃高薪,舒服有空调的工作环境,他选择跟随父亲的脚步,进入厨房做个蛋糕师傅,就这样Crepes 21诞生了。

So, one day I had my first try on Crepes 21 mille crepe. They offered something special in the website which is the Quattro Mille Crepe for a limited time only! What’s better to have a combination 4 flavours in 1 cake? This Quattro (“Four” in Italian) Mille Crepe consist of Crepes 21 top selling flavours which are the Madagascar Vanilla, Espresso Macchiato, Double Chocolate & Green Tea and Red Bean Mille Crepe. In just one cake ordered, I was spoilt with 4 flavours. What's more? Quattro Mille Crepe is selling at normal price of one cake!

所以一天我就尝试了这Crepes 21的千层糕。他们刚好在网页搞了个促销,推出了4合1的千层糕,而且是限时的哦!什么好的过4合1呢?这4合1里有Crepes 21最畅销的口味如马达加斯加香草,浓缩咖啡玛奇朵,特浓朱古力,绿茶和红豆的千层糕。单单一个蛋糕,我就有4种口味可尝,实在太幸福了!不仅如此,4合1口味还是以平常价售卖呢!

The signature vanilla mille crepe is something one must try. Crepes 21 using the world’s finest vanilla beans from Madagascar to give it a very unique vanilla flavour that you can’t find in anywhere else. Between the paper thin handmade crepes were spread with a light layer of vanilla pastry cream that will literally melt in one's mouth.

招牌香草味是必试的口味!Crepes 21用最顶级,来自马达加斯的香草豆来制作这蛋糕,在外面是吃不到如此的口味。薄如纸张的可丽饼之间涂上那香草奶油,吃下去即溶于口里,令人回味无穷。

If you are caffeine addicted, coffee lover, and can’t survive without a cup of coffee a day, choose this without thinking twice! The pastry cream is infused with decent shots of 100% dark roast Arabica espresso. The espresso that goes with the pastry cream is full-bodied, intense flavour, excellent aroma, and gives you a long lasting taste that stays in your mouth.


Using the highest grade pure matcha powder that’s high in antioxidant from Japan, paired with red beans is the perfect way to go. The strong aroma and the bitter taste of green tea, match with natural sweetness of red bean in pastry cream, makes a perfect balance of enjoying sweet stuffs in a healthy way.


Every girl like chocolate, aren't they? Thus, if you are chocolate lover, you should not miss this! The crepe layers were infused with premium dark chocolate powder to give it a nice taste and contrast colour, and the chocolate pastry cream were folded with imported premium chocolate from Belgium. This double chocolate mille crepe is bitter sweet, smooth, and give you a very satisfactory chocolaty taste.


I noticed that every ingredients they using are in best and finest quality to bring out their best Crepes 21 mille crepe. Moreover, all the mille crepe cakes are handmade-to-order to ensure the freshest are delivered, it’s a true labour of love


If you are interested to order, please log on to www.crepes21.com.my now! Act fast as Quattro mille crepe offered in a limited time frame!



  1. I have not seen these before , they look yummy
    I am inviting you to join my $30 certificate giveaway
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    1. I hope they will venture into India soon one day!

  2. 四合一的蛋糕,不错!

  3. I haven't manage to try any mille crepe yet. Very jakun la me. :(


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