DEFINE Urban Recipe to F.A.M.E Party


Before I came to the party, I was not too sure what event was this. I never heard Define before. I was surprise when the organizer delivered our invitation card to our doorsteps by asking our address during the phone call. However, she did not manage to send to me as she could not find my house so finally I suggested to get the invitation card from her at the event.


The event held at a bungalow. It was little bit weird as there are 2 restaurants inside it.


After registration, the girls at the counter gave us a transparent bag with brushes, disposable raincoat and gloves.


One of the highlight of the event is cocktail. That is why I was there.


So during the registration, the girls at the counter gave us 4 coupons everyone. We need to exchange 1 glass of cocktail with 2 coupons.


We have 4 different choices of cocktails. Simply glance at the menu, it was little bit scaring. Chilli? Ginger?


The bartender was happily prepare our drinks.


By looking at the menu, it was so hard to imagine how is the outcome. So they also displayed each drink at the counter.

这是个结合艺术,音乐和酒的派对,所以现场有一辆 Volkswagen让所有来宾动手画一画,随便涂鸦也行。 

It was a party combining art, music and alcoholic drink. There is a brand new Volkswagen van at the spot for everyone using their creativity to draw anything on it.


The web-comic blogger-Ernest also coming here to draw our cute portraits at the badge.

我手上的那个是另外一个漫画部落客CheeChing 画的。

I have a lovely badge drawn by CheeChing.

The event site


There is a pretty girl carrying an instant camera walking around to take pictures. 


On the same day, the organizer announced a photography competition with the car. Those who posted most creatively at the car might win a free ride with this brand new Volkswagen for a day. The petrol is included as well. See this guy was so eagerly to win the place, he climbed up the van without thinking of the risk of falling down, do a most awesome posture at the top of van. Thumbs up for him!

Ok, after that I only found out this:


  1. 很可爱的派对。。。还有鸡尾酒喝不错,味道如何?

    1. 刚喝那几口,倒真的不那么习惯,但后来觉得有姜的酒也不赖!


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