Kiss Me @ Watson: Mobile Make Up Station is back!

去年在某部落格里听到Kiss Me 这品牌。Kiss Me 给我的第一个印象是卖唇膏的公司,可后来我错了。想知道他们卖什么,那么就来看看那天在金河广场前的推介礼。

I heard of Kiss Me brand name last year in a blogger space. Kiss Me gave me a first impression of selling lip stick, but I was wrong. If you want to know what are they selling, then you must continue to read my post regarding the event happening in Sungai Wang, KL.


The event started at 10 am under a big hot sun.


The crew is pity working under the sun. This is the registration counter.

登记后,他们给了我一个礼袋。看看上面的图片,一个漫画式的女生肖像和一只小猫,这就是Kiss Me 品牌的标志。

After registration, they give me a bag. Look at the picture above, a comic style lady portrait and a small cat, that is Kiss Me symbol.


After waiting about 15 minutes, the event started. First, music was turned on and a troupe of dancers came out and dance.


Following by speech delivering


ribbon-cutting ceremony

完毕后,Kiss Me 的Mobile Truck 就要打开它的如山真面目。

Last, Kiss Me Mobile Truck is going to show us with its 'real face'.

打开后,两个俊男站在楼梯处拿着Kiss Me 新的产品Mascara 向观众抛飞吻。不知道你们有没有被‘电’到?

The board moved to side, two handsome guys walking out holding the Kiss Me Mascara and throwing kiss to audience.

Truck 的门打开后, Kiss Me princess 也跟着走出来。

The door of the truck opened, Kiss Me princess was coming out too.

来自日本的化妆师当场向观众示范如何使用他们的产品。他们的产品也包罗万有,有底妆粉,眼影,唇膏,眼眉笔,眼线笔以及最新推出的lovely brown 睫毛膏!没听错!就是巧克力色的睫毛膏!在我家里的全部都是黑色系列,我从未看过巧克力色的睫毛膏呢!据说涂上这Kiss Me的巧克力色睫毛膏,效果会很自然哦!

Next, a Japanese make up artist is demonstrating us how to use Kiss Me products. There are a lot including base powder, eye shadow, lip stick, eye brow liner, eye liner and newly launched lovely brown mascara! You got it right! That is brown colour of mascara! I have all black mascara in my home but not even one in brown. I heard after applying, the effect is more natural.

现场也有很多观众在观看。只是我本人觉得化妆师虽然很努力, 很用心地去解释怎样使用他们的产品,可是她使用日语,翻译的人也没很完全翻译他的意思,觉得有点可惜哦!

There are crowd in front of the entrance. I personally think that the makeup artist was very hardworking to explain the products usage very detail but as she was using Japanese to speak, nobody understood. Meanwhile the translator was not translate all of her meaning. That was a little bit sad thing to say!

过后我们每人有机会上去Kiss Me Mobile Truck 看看。

Then, we went up the truck to have a look.


The truck is not very big. If ten persons are there at the same time, it will be cramped. Therefore, I went up for a while and down as there are too many people inside, even I want to turn my body also difficult.

这是他们的路程表,全从他们的面子书取得,所以照片有些大有些小 ,调不到。车子会在吉隆坡,槟城以及怡保某些地点停留,有兴趣他们的产品可以上去看看哦!

Above is the schedule of the truck travelling route. Got it from Kiss Me Facebook page. The photos some are big and some are small, I can not adjust to all same size. The truck will stop at KL, Penang and Ipoh, those who interest to try their products, must take note of this!

photo credit to Jean


买RM60或以上可免费获得价值RM29.90的Kiss Me包包;
买RM100或以上就有免费一支价值RM49.90的Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara。

In this time, there are promotional activity. I got if from Jean's blog, I did not notice this that day.

Receive a Kiss Me bag (worth RM29.90) with purchase of RM60 and above.
Receive a Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara (worth RM49.90) with purchase of RM100 and above.


Every event that I went, there must be food photos.

全是Old Town 煎炸的食物 ><

Fried food from Old Town ><

Kiss Me 产品系列表
Kiss Me product showcase


  1. their cream blusher also not bad

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    1. now i alr add in English, so that all understand :)

  3. I saw this in Sg wang last week, i regret now for not goin in. it must be fun..

    1. wah so coincident....
      u should come and get into the truck^^

  4. lovely blog dear! followed! ;) <3

  5. 我是一直以为它只有卖睫毛膏。。。

    1. 你比我有见识,的确它初初的时候,眼睛部分的产品是主打产品呢!

  6. Such a nice post! I like it! : )

    1. ops thank you very much, hope u will be visiting me back in future :)

  7. i like kiss me ecspecially their eyeliner!I already follow u,hoping that u're following me back!

    1. hmm every1 saying so, i thk i will buy their eyeliner to have a try if my eye liner finish later :)


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