实惠三种风味美食@Trio Restaurant

Trio 在华语的翻译是三的意思,Trio Restaurant 的名字含义指的是这家餐厅为了符合马来西亚的大众口味,推出了三种不同的餐食-中东,本地和西餐。食物的多元化,让顾客在同一家餐厅能同时享用不同国家的美食,实在太棒了。

Trio means three of anything together. For them TRIO means Middle East food - Local food and Western food. Trio means the best quality with the best price at the best place, Trio means the best food for the best customer serving by the best host.

坐落在市区人来人往的Lorong Yap Kwan Seng, 从大马路边的Full House直走进去就可以看到了。

The current location of the restaurant is situated at Lorong Yap Kwan Seng after a long search for the perfect location. Situated in the heart of city centre with a breathtaking view of Petronas Twin Towers set in the background, it is very easy to find.

这是餐厅的大门口,门口外可以看到它家餐厅的布条。仔细看右边的那个布条,从中午12pm-3pm 有优惠,一碗汤,一个主菜和一杯饮料,只需要RM12-RM15, 真的让我难以置信。还以为坐落在这商业地区的餐厅都会很贵,怎么知道其实在这些小巷也能找到经济点的美食,而且还是那么美的餐厅哦!

Promotion banners are put outside in front of the entrance for every passersby or customer to have a look. Look carefully for the right banner, from 12pm til 3pm, there are promotion going on for diners. Only RM 12-RM15 for a main course, a soup and a drink. This is absolutely unbelievable! For a restaurant located at the heart of the city or commercial area fulled with foreign residents and tourists, we are able to find food with such affordable price in a high class restaurant, that only happens in Trio!


They only list out different dishes offered by the restaurant.


Step in, right side is the small bar area. The boss is preparing the drink.


Look at the decoration inside the restaurant, it looks so beautiful and elegant!


On the shelf, there are few cute ducks sculptures wearing shiny clothes which look so cute and adorable!



At some corners, there is a table with a lot of seats which is a best place for friends gathering or company meeting.


Got to know from the boss that this restaurant is able to cater 500 people at the same time!


These are the restaurant patio seating.


Decoration at the patio

Mandi Chicken RM19.95

这名字有点好笑对吗?Mandi Chicken 就是沐浴中的鸡,可这一料理都没汤,没有湿哒哒的鸡肉,怎么算是沐浴中的鸡呢?原来在中东,这是他们的本地叫法,有些人还把它命名为Mandy Chicken. 说真的我实在分不清楚Mandy 饭与Biryani饭有何分别,唯一的相同点就是吃下去,饭的香味在口中荡漾,忍不住再来第二口。

Mandi in Malay means taking bath. But the chicken in the dish is not wet, why being called Mandi Chicken? Actually this is their country local call name, some even name it Mandy Chicken. Frankly speaking, I do not how to differentiate the flavour between Mandy and Biryani rice, only thing I know is the first bite is full of spices aroma, which make me want to have another spoon of Mandy rice.

Biryani Lamb RM23.95
Biryani Lamb 饭的味道与Mandi Chicken 的饭,味道吃起来是不相同的。Biryani Lamb 里放了许多香料,每粒饭都被香料所包裹,羊肉的肉汁也流入饭内,所以吃起来很香很可口。

Biryani and Mandi rice is different flavour. Inside Biryani Lamb dish,  every single rice is being wrapped with the spices, juices from the lamb is dropped to the rice, which make the overall taste great.

Special Pizza RM28.95

There are only 3 words to describe the dish- crispy, sweet smelting and flimsy. Even though the pizza is flimsy, but every piece is being sucked with lots of meat, green cage pepper and tomato. They never mean and always serve their customers with good food.

Sultani RM34.95
接下来就是每一中东餐厅都会见到的sultani 或者kebab。他们给的是真正的肉块,没有参杂面粉调配,所以喜欢吃羊肉的人应该会是他们的最爱。但是对于不怎么吃羊肉的人,会觉得羊肉似乎煮得还不够熟,里面的肉还是红红的。

Sultani is a combination of lamb cube roll and lamb Koobideh kebab. The dish is tasty and definitely a must for meat lover! The Kebab meat is the real lamb meat without addition of flour in it which make the taste so origin. For those who do not eat lamb like my friend, he think that the meat is not enough cooked as inside still red in colour.

Chicken Kebab Sandwich RM14.95; French Fries RM7.95

这一盘不是一个菜式而是两个,炸薯条是分开计钱的哦!Chicken Kebab Sandwich 是他们新创的料理,给我感觉有点像本地的roti john, 你们觉得呢?单单吃羊肉太单调?把中东调制的kebab放去西式面包,就像个长形的汉堡包,这中东西式的结合很搭!面包非常松软,鸡肉的口感也非常好,来这里可别错过啦!

There are 2 dishes in a same plate. Chicken Kebab Sandwich is not come with French Fries. Chicken Kebab Sandwich is their new invented recipe which make me think of local roti john, what do you think? Like dish above, eating Lamb Kebab with rice seem boring? Adding Middle East seasoned kebab into Western type of bread, it looks like a long hamburger, this Middle East cum Western style make it a good combination. 

Virgin Mojito RM9.95
Virgin Mojito 里面放了鲜橙,sprite 汽水以及薄荷叶,在大热天来一杯不单单可以解渴和消暑,也可以提神。

Virgin Mojito is made of fresh lime, sprite and mint leaf. Having a glass of Virgin Mojito during a hot day not only to quench the thirst and get rid of summer heat but also give oneself a lift.

Mocha RM7.95 

叫一杯Mocha, 侍应就端上一个杯子和一小茶壶的糖。小茶壶的设计很特别,还有个肖像图案,很波斯的感觉!这杯Mocha没令我失望,尝一口,我已经爱上它了!Mocha里面加了巧克力粉,热牛奶和奶油,非常香浓可口。咖啡在小巧的杯中还显出浓厚的纽约风味!

Ordering a cup of Mocha, waitress offered me a cup of Mocha together with a teapot of sugar. The design of the teapot is very special with a portrait on it. It is Persian teapot. Sip the mocha made by boss who comes from Middle East, it does not disappoint me, I love it! Chocolate powder, hot milk and buttermilk mix well together to give it the special fragrance.


 No 5, Jalan Liew Weng Chee, 
Off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 
50450 Kuala Lumpur

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