Bag of Love : Kate Workshop

早上去了农场参观,下午则是另一场活动。这是由Bag of Love举办的Kate workshop, 地点位于Parkson Pavillion 的Personal Shopper Room 里面。

The next event I attended was Kate workshop in Personal Shopper Room, Parkson Pavillion after Melvita organic farm visit.


My session was going to start at 2.30pm. 


All equipments were ready like makeup tools, cotton and towel.


The room is not big and the most they can cater is around 15 people.


The session started. I volunteered myself to be the model of the day as I want to learn the makeup skills from makeup expert and I want to see how my face look after being makeover by her.


These are the products used by her.

开始咯,先卸除我脸上的bb cream。Jasmine 是Kate/ Kanebo 公司的化妆导师,有新产品的话,他都会飞过去日本受训。

First, she cleaned off bb cream from my face. Jasmine is make up trainer from Kate/ Kanebo company.

待滋润步骤做完后,接下来就开始化妆了。他们使用Lunasol Control Base 帮我打底。

After the moisturizing process, next is the makeup step. She applies Lunasol Control Base on my face.

打底用的base有两种颜色,一个偏粉红,另一个偏黄色。而jasmine 则帮我选择了黄色,因为他说痘痘脸不适合粉红颜色。

There are 2 colours, one is pinkish, another is yellowish. Jasmine chose yellowish for me as she said my face more suitable to use that.

终于化好了。Jasmine 帮我化的时候,台下的他们也是跟着化。

Finally done. When Jasmine helped me to makeup, those who sat and attended the session also followed her steps to makeover themselves.


My eyeshadow colour was the first one from left, overall it is good!

自拍 ^^

self portrait 


This was the voucher given to us for redeem some samples in sachets.

除了礼卷,我们也有手礼。里面有化妆的棉花,刷子等等 ^^

Besides voucher, we got doorgift too. Inside the pouch was makeup brushes, sponge and etc.


This is a birthday present for myself.
(13 April 2013)