Bag of Love Unzipping Party @ Delectable by Su

记得上次我写Bag of Love 的文章吗?我觉得自己其实没有写得很好,但我很侥幸的被选中出席Bag of Love的茶会派对。茶会地点在Paradigm Mall里面的Delectable by Su。我在这里非常感谢提供交通载我去这茶会地方的Angeline Ng,很高兴以后我去活动又多了个伴。

Remember the last post I wrote about Bag of Love? I was so lucky enough to be selected to attend Bag of Love unzipping party in Delectable by Su, Paradigm Mall. Here, I want to thank Angeline Ng for providing me a transport to go. I am very happy to have one more company for future blogger event.

我没有拍到很完整,所以就去他家的网页放一张他们的tea set价格。

Tea set

Delectable by Su 在Paradigm Mall 的底层,设立在Tesco 霸市旁隔几间的店面。因为他的装潢很别致,路过的人应该都会向里面瞧几眼。

Bag of Love的茶会分两场举办。第一场11点早上开始,而我的则在下午2点。每一场是15人,出席的部落客是30位,但是我是唯一写中文的那个 :P

Delectable by Su is located at ground floor of Paradigm Mall, few shop lots distance away from Tesco hypermarket. Every one who pass by the shop definitely will peek inside as the shop's renovation is very feminine.

Bag of Love unzipping party was divided into 2 sessions. First session started at 11am, while the second session started at 2pm. Every session catered for 15 bloggers. There were total of 30 bloggers attending the party and I was the only one who wrote in Chinese.

Delectable by Su 是由Su 创办,今天她没来因听说她即将要临盆,所以这里有点小遗憾。看看架上的食物摆设,都是Delectable by Su 的精心安排。我也得感谢Tammy,这次活动的主干,因他是义务,完全没赚任何钱以及还要自己贴荷包,赞助茶会的糕点给我们,实在让我过意不去。上图茶杯里的巧克力,玻璃瓶内的饼干,棒棒糖,草莓,软糖,花生等等都是Tammy 所赞助的哦!

Delectable by Su was established by Su. She did not come today as we had been told that she was going to give birth soon. It caused little bit of disappointment. Look at the food on shelf!All were done by Delectable by Su. I have to say big thank you to Tammy as she done a lot of thing to make this event success. Other than that, she did all without any payment but dug money from own pocket to sponsor all of the food as above picture. (chocolate, cookies, lollipop, strawberry, marsh mallow and peanut) That made me embarrassed. I hope my readers will go and support Tammy's blog if you don't know about her yet.


产品包装方面,Delectable by Su 一点也不马虎。贴上店名以及标志,绑上彩带,拿来送礼也很好看。

For product packaging, it is never sloppy. Sticked with shop name and logo, tied with colourful ribbon, it looks nice to give it as a present.


All the fake cupcakes look so adorable with those cute creatures!

玻璃柜内的是他们售卖的杯蛋糕,有巧克力熊,企鹅以及金鱼雕像在蛋糕上,那么可爱,买了我肯定不舍得放去嘴巴 :P

Inside the glassy cupboard, there are real cupcakes waiting to be sold. There are chocolate bear, penguin, gold fish on cupcakes, all are so adorable and lovable, I am pretty sure if I buy this home, I dare not to put into the mouth :P

窥视了整间店面,现在是Bag of Love Unzipping 的时刻。玻璃柜上还有Mi Mi 创办人的报道和照片。这是我第二次看到她,人如照片中的影像一样,是个大美女啊!Mi Mi 还是两位小孩子的妈妈,一点都看不出来哦!

After visiting the whole shop, now is the moment for Bag of Love to be unzipped. On the glassy cupboard, there is a newspaper featuring Mi Mi, who found Bag of Love. This was my second time to meet her in person, she looked exactly same with the photo in newspaper, pretty woman! Mi Mi is married and a mum of 2 kids, but she still looks so young and elegant!

Teh Mi Mi, founder of Bag of Love

Mi Mi 介绍她创办的Bag of Love历史以及概念。当初的想法只是想要有更多时间陪孩子,同时能拥有自己的事业之下,Bag of Love诞生了!说实在,我好羡慕她!

Mi Mi introduced history and concept behind Bag of Love. The initial idea of starting it is because she wants to have more time spending with her kids but at the same time to have own career and then the first Bag of Love was born.

4月是Bag of Love 出版的第二期美容包包,主题是绿色。虽然这次盛装美容产品的包包不是绿色的,但所采用的原料乃属于环保。包包的帆布无经过漂白,里面的标签乃是用回收的非织造材料所制作。Mi Mi 还说因这期的产品都不会打破,所以也没放泡泡纸,除了节省资源外,也显得她对环保概念的重视。

April was the second issue of Bag of Love, the theme was green. Although the bag colour is not green, but the bag made of recycled ingredients. It is made of bleach-free canvas and the little Bag of Love tag (inside) is of recycled non-woven material. Mi Mi said that the products in this issue was unbreakable and so she did not put bubble wrap paper. This showed her concern for the environment and emphasized recycle concept in her products besides saving resources.  

打开里面,我有点惊喜,至于什么惊喜,下期的Bag of Love产品分析才慢慢告诉你!

Unzipping inside, I have little surprise. What is the surprise? I will tell you during my second write up about Bag of Love product review.

全部人都很开心得到四月份的Bag of Love!

Every one is happy with April issue of Bag of Love!

chocolate macaron, spicy sausage puff, carrot cake, moist chocolate cake, cherry almond cake, delectable cookies

桌子上的这些糕点是Delectable by Su 所赞助。一个桌子大概可以容下四人,但是不知怎么搞的,我们竟然吃不完 ><

Those food on the table were sponsored by Delectable by Su. There are 4 tables in the shop. Every table was shared by 4 bloggers. That was so unbelievable that we could not finish all the food!


This is one of the dessert that sure will become chocolate lovers favourite!

忘了说Tammy, 这次活动的主干,乃是The Butterfly Project的幕后策划人!这杯蛋糕上的图案正是Butterfly的象征。

Tammy was the organizer and founder of The Butterfly Project (project mainly focus on beauty, sometimes on food too)! The picture above the cupcake is a symbol of Butterfly.

自拍~~ 当天只化了眉毛和涂上隔离霜,淡淡的妆容希望不会吓到大家,因为好多新认识的部落客都说怎么本人与张贴在面子书上的profile照片相差那么远?我的答案是化妆后可以让一个人的样貌判若两人!

Having a self portrait~~That day I just applied BB cream and draw the eyebrows, the very thin layer of makeup hopefully would not scare you all away. A lot of newly meet bloggers asking why so much different of me in real with the photo I put in FB profile? My answer is after makeover, a person will look really different.

我与Angeline Ng 的合影

With Angeline Ng

与Mi Mi 和Tammy 的合影,他们俩是我觉得值得学习的对象!

With Mi Mi and Tammy, they both are my learning objects.

Sabrina* Vixen Deity 那里取得的照片,嘻嘻!喜欢呢!

photo from Sabrina* Vixen Deity blog

Delectable by Su 送出的door gift ^^


The lollipop is still being stored in refrigerator. As it is a big piece, I can not finish by myself, therefore if anyday my mood is no good, I will take it out to eat!

LG-72 (next to Tesco), 
Paradigm Mall, 
Kelana Jaya。


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