English High Tea @Teaffani Patisserie, Fahrenheit88

这是我第一次来Teaffani Patisserie 来个英式下午茶,给我一种感觉像贵妇人式的在悠闲的下午‘叹’茶。 

This is my first time visit to Teaffani Patisserie to have English High Tea set. Sitting here to have a cup of tea, make me feel like a dowager.

这家Teaffani Patisserie就坐落在武吉免登飞轮海88的顶楼, Parkamaya里面。就是有点奇怪,怎么这Teaffani Patisserie会在周围卖衣服的地方设立柜台?我想其中一个原因应该是让贵妇们逛完街,累了,可以直接在这儿坐下来休息吃点东西吧!

Teaffani Patisserie is located at Parkamaya, top floor of Fahrenheit 88 in Bukit Bintang, KL. I feel strange and curious to wonder why Teaffani Patisserie is set up at a floor that selling clothes and accessories? I think the most possible reason may be when some ladies tired after shopping, they can directly sit down to have a cup of tea.


To fulfill the English theme, there is a rack with a few floral picture tea pots and cups as well as two foreign country scenery pictures.

一个大茶壶的上等茶只售RM10,其实也不贵啦!茶的选择也繁多,有薄荷,伯爵茶, 纯甘菊,经典的灰色夫人和英式早餐。

They sell premium tea in a big tea pot for RM10 only! For me, this is not expensive! Choices for their tea are many, such as  Peppermint, Earl Grey, Pure Camomile, Classic Lady Grey and  English Breakfast.

这次的活动得感谢Tammy的邀请,若你是部落客,也很想出席这些美容,食物的活动,那么就记得like "The Butterfly Project" 哦!

Tammy 开始介绍以及简单的讲一些关于Teaffani Patisserie 的资料。

I have to thank Tammy for her invitation, if you are a blogger, and also wanted to attend such beauty and food event, then remember to like "The Butterfly Project" on Facebook!

Tammy giving simple introduction of Teaffani Patisserie.

这位原来是其中一位Teaffani Patisserie的创办人-Rachael 哦!好年轻的一位老板娘!这英式下午茶的餐单只售RM49.90, 供2人吃!一人的英式下午茶大概是RM25, 对于我来说是中上价格,因为这里是购物中心,想必租金贵。不过说真的你吃了3块后,你已经觉得很饱了哦!

She is one of the founder of Teaffani Patisserie- Rachael is her name! She is very young only! English High Tea sold at RM49.90 per set for 2 pax, around RM25 per person. In my opinion, the price is middle and upper range. As here is shopping mall, rental must be very high, thus the selling price is considered acceptable. Frankly speaking, after you having 3 piece of the desserts, you already feel full!

这就是RM49.90 的English High Tea Set,单单看不知道会不会流口水!

Here is the RM49.90 English High Tea Set, will you drop your saliva by looking at the picture?

Chocolate Brownie
巧克力蛋糕若是单单只是面粉,糖以及巧克力粉的话,那么就会很甜腻。吃过McDonalds售卖的Brownie, 吃了几口就很腻,因为里面什么都没有,就是甜。可这Chocolate Brownie不让我失望,里面一粒粒的核桃,咬下去除了甜还有甘味,不会那么腻。

If Chocolate Brownie is only added with flour, sugar and chocolate powder, then the brownie will be too sweet. I had my brownie in McD, after few bit, I am not dare to eat anymore, because there is nothing inside, I feel that is too sweet. But this Chocolate Brownie does not disappoint me, with walnut inside, it balances out the sweetness, that is nice!

Carrot Cake


The carrot cake is too cute til it captures a lot of attention. If I take it to a rabbit, will it thinks that this is a real carrot? This carrot cake is very special with grated coconut above and 2 layers of cheese, when all mixed together, the taste is good!
Chicken Quiche

Chicken Quiche也是很可口,它不会甜,带点咸味,只见Tammy吃了一口又一口哦!哈哈哈哈!所以我们的碟子就一直要求refill,因为真的不够吃 :)

Chicken Quiche is also another favourite of mine. It does not taste sweet but little bit of salty. I saw Tammy eats a lot of Chicken Quiche, she likes it very much! That is why I keep requesting for refill as it is really not enough!
Raisin Scones with Butter and Jam

The raisin scone is hard, there is nothing inside. We need to cut open it and apply the butter and jam they prepared.



I personally love the food with sweet and bitter taste together. Tiramisu thus becomes my favourite. If you do not like very sweet thing, I think this is acceptable for you!

Tuna mayo & egg finger sandwiches


The bread is fluffy. There are 2 fillings inside, one is eye finger and another is tuna mayo. I prefer the tuna mayo taste!
Orange Caramel Pudding

This dessert is very special, inside is orange, layer above added with cream and strawberry, tastes sweet and sour together in a dessert, it is nice!


If you like the floral tea pot, you can purchase directly as it is one of the merchandise selling here!

开餐咯!刚才一边拍就一边忍着不要流口水 ^^

Start to have my own high tea now after finish my shooting ^^


He was one of the foreign worker who serving us that day! He always keep his smile on face! He was happy to lend me a hand when I requested few times for adding tea, cake and what so ever. He waited patiently, holding the tray of doorgift, standing aside when we all having photo session in front of the stall.

group photo from choiyen.com

The theme of attire for that day, British school girl style. I do not wear according to the theme as I do not have such attire in the  closet.

Rachael, Me, Choi Yen, Swee San, Eunice, Cik Lily Putih, Ruby

We become 'teacher' of the day as we do not wear British school girl theme.

马来人部落客 Cik Lily Putih

With Rachael


Thanks Tammy for the beautiful collage!



Our door gift of the day- Lullabelle sponsors nail ointment and magical ointment. I am too happy to have these!

Chocolate Rocher

这是Rachael 送给我们的手礼,都是他们自家做的巧克力饼干。我已经吃完了哦,里面都是真材实料做的豆,不是面粉,一盒在店内的售价是RM12。

Another doorgift from Rachael. This is their home made Chocolate Rocher. I already finished them. The selling price in stall is RM12 per box.

  Lot OT-03A, 
  Parkamaya, 3rd Floor, 
  Fahrenheit 88, 
  No. 179, Jalan Bukit Bintang 
  55100 Kuala Lumpur


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    1. hmm is less sweet. Nuts wrapped with chocolate, suitable for those do not like sweet thgs like mummy

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