Barakaff Batik Shop Visit

I have heard of Barakaff Batik long time ago but never pay a visit to its shop located in Gombak. Barakaff Batik is located at the residential area.


The colourful finished product-batik is displayed at the front shop.

Then, we were being ushered into its factory. There were only 2 mak cik painting the batik by the time we came.

Next, hands on experience...that's my second time painting the batik after having my first time experience in Kelantan.

Ample time was given. By the time I finished the first one, some of them yet finished. Thus, I started to paint on another piece of cloth. After all, I must say I'm not talented in art.

Barakaff batiks are produced entirely by hands. Every piece is unique and there is no identical two. Barakaff batiks are contemporary, the bold linearity and primitive geometries reflecting the strong ethnic art influences of the past.  The colour are variegated from delicate sinades of pastel to color striking and vibrant.

 I will come back here again. Like the blue pastel color dress displayed at the photo above. Save some money on that first :)

Lot 2095, Batu 9,
Jalan Gombak,
53000 Selangor.

Facebook: Barakaff Batik
Contact: Syed Ahmad: 013-6666322


  1. those paintings are so pretty

  2. Awesome, Gombak also have produce batik...

  3. Everything looks really nice :o

  4. beautiful painting! I don't have such talent in me.

  5. beautiful Batik, very similar like in Indonesia :)

  6. I will love to visit a shop like that

  7. I think those paintings you did are pretty, Emily. The last time I ever did any batik painting was in school. :D

    1. haha wow thanks for your compliment
      it was so long ago :O

  8. saya senang berkunjung di web ini,semoga semakin maju,salam daripusat grosir seragam batik,dan
    Jual seragam


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