Superstar Gemini Cruising Experience

This was my first time boarding a cruise for 3 days staycation. Before the cruising days, I was worry of the safety of the cruise since my mind has been "poisoned" by Titanic storyline. My anxiety for that was useless. Now, I am safe and sound. Thanks to Star Cruise (Genting Cruise Lines) for the first-hand experience on cruise, specifically Superstar Gemini.

Superstar Gemini, at 50,764-grt, is 230m long, 29m wide and its average cruising speed is 18kn. The 13-storey SuperStar Gemini offers 765 cabins with 1,530 lower berths. Superstar Gemini is massive just like a condominium with shopping mall below, but for this, the restaurant, cafe and all other recreational activities are held at upper floors.

Our favourite hang-out place in the cruise was the open deck area with the pool. The first morning was cloudy and the second morning was just perfect for a sunrise shot.

Upon boarding to the cruise, it was about to rain. The sky was dark, and nobody was in the pool. There are 2 pools in the Superstar Gemini. Showing above is the pool located at the middle of the deck body. Inside the pool, there is 140 m and 180 m depth division, surrounded by shallow water about the knee level.

It was so hard to take a photo without anyone at the back (open deck area facing the pool). Everyone was enjoying either taking a sunbath or the sea breeze or the view.

This is another pool at the end of the open deck which facing the 2 restaurants, Bella Vista and Dynasty Restaurant. So imagine how thick was my face when I posted for some pictures here! Everyone was looking at us from inside. This pool is 180 m depth. 

The security guards are there to monitor and assist at the side of swimming pools. They even provide towel for free, you can choose to return in the room.


Superstar Gemini has 11 restaurants and bars, offering a range of cuisines for all palates. There are 4 restaurants which I visited while cruising. You can opt for Bella Vista, Dynasty Restaurant and Mariners Restaurant to have your breakfast, lunch or dinner. But you can only have first meal at any one of it, second meal onwards will be charged. (Meaning you can't go for breakfast again at Dynasty after you went for Bella Vista for breakfast). Always get your access card ready when going to breakfast as they would swipe your card for record purpose.

Bella Vista (Western Cuisine)

Bella Vista is offering western cuisine with pork and lard free. 

They are serving in semi-buffet style. For instance, you can opt for Continental breakfast, Asian set, American breakfast, or English breakfast when you come for breakfast. For lunch, you can opt for steak or fish and chips with desserts selection on the buffet table.

Mariners Restaurant (International buffet)

Mariners Restaurant offers you a ocean view if you sit next to the window. But that's not applicable to night time as it is totally dark outside. This is another pork and lard free restaurant. Both restaurants above are Muslim-friendly. Well, on the last dinner, Mariners Restaurant served each of the dining guest a lobster!!! That's my first time eating a big lobster!

Dynasty Restaurant (Chinese buffet)

Dynasty Restaurant is not pork and lard free. The restaurant is in 3 tiers of seating arrangement which makes it quite unique.  For breakfast, they offers some dim sum, Chinese kuih, fried mantou, pao and meehun. For lunch, they offers Chinese cuisine like fried vegetables, fried prawns, fish ball noddles, salad, fruits and the aloe vera goji sweet drink. The queue here is bit long if you come late. Advised to follow the signboard above come by 7.30am for breakfast, 12pm for lunch, 9pm for dinner.

Oceana Barbeque (International buffet and grill)

Oceana Barbeque is located at the open deck area. It is great to dine here especially during evening for dinner. There is singer performing on stage. The restaurant offers sushi, pasta, grilled meats and desserts during the dinner time.


One would not get bored with entertainment on-board. Superstar Gemini houses a show lounge, called Stardust Lounge that could accommodate few hundreds over audience at the same time. There is a activities schedule placed at your room everyday for the next day show time and programs. Entertainment reaches new heights with thrilling performances by amazing international artists at Stardust Lounge.

Stardust Lounge

There are magic shows, circus performance and crew talents shows which you do not want to even blink an eye to miss the shows. 

Well, out of all, Fabulous Chan's show gains the heart of audience. She has a lot of fans and the seats are all occupied even before the show started. She is humour and funny. One should not miss her show when cruising with Superstar Gemini.


Wanna enjoy your time with your hubby but your kids want to have different fun? No worry, you could send them to the activity centre/ children’s playroom to have fun with other kids without disturbing the quality time spending with your other half.

Activity centre (activity information and games loan centre)


The full range facilities include gymnasium, spa treatment, massage service, foot reflexology. Well, you could do your hair fixing too at Oscar's Salon.

King Neptune Health Club (Gym, Spa treatment, Massage service, Foot reflexology)

The gym is free to use for the cruise guests. Make sure you bring your sport shoes along to be granted permission to enter the gym room.


The KTV/ karaoke is free to use but the guests must order a drink there.



That's how our rooms look like at deck 5. The lift is only accessible from deck 5 to deck 12. Each room is equipped with a bathroom. Hair dryer is attached at the wall of bathroom. 2 mineral water bottles are supplied everyday during housekeeping.

Oceanview Stateroom with Window

The view from our room's window is unobstructed. I just prefer to sit at the side of the window to enjoy the breathtaking ocean view, relaxing my mind and throw all the troubles off my mind. 

Superstar Gemini definitely offers a  spectacular cruising experience to families, friends and youths. Next, I will share about my Phuket and Penang trip, which is a stopover destinations for Superstar Gemini's guests to visit.

Superstar Gemini 3 nights schedule : Port Klang -> Phuket -> Penang -> Port Klang


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