My Shopping haul on 11.11 from Taobao

Happy Monday everyone! I'm just going to share my shopping haul from taobao only in this post. I paid on 11.11 for the goods and got the parcel only by 26.11, which is about 16 days. Fyi, it is quite slow compared with my previous shopping experience. All goods reach the shipping hub at Guangzhou by 18.11, about 7 days after I paid. The shipping fee I paid for this time is RMB26 (RM16.11 with 1.5% service charge from bank) for 0.8kg since the rate is RMB26 per kg (China to Malaysia). The price slightly increased as I ordered something in October, and the rate is only RMB22 per kg for consolidate air shipping. I use Taobao official consolidator all the time (if you wonder). I never use non-Taobao consolidator partner.

The swim suit is comes with inner wear. The pink bag is a waterproof pouch to keep the swimming apparels. And it's given free by the seller. Choosing this kind of swim dress as the lower part is not tight to cover my belly fat. LOL

this one I buy for people as Christmas gift, so I wanna remain the price as secret.

This is the most expensive earring out of many below. I saw the almost similar one worn by Ivan Young's model during Mercedes Benz Fashion Show. Thus, I would like to get the same too :) It was stated that this earring is handcrafted by the seller.

The picture in Taobao seller page is nicer than the real one. It looks like someone doing ballet dancing. That's why I bought it. I want like bit greyish shown in seller's site but it comes in this shade. Hmm....

link for the item:

One of the beads already fall out when I open the packaging. Frankly, I do not recommend the seller: 新薇旗舰店 as they send out the stock late for delivery. I don't know how many times I keep asking them on this. One thing to compliment is they always very polite and answer my replies.

Item from seller 小资情调儿.Highly recommended the seller as they are fast to delivery. Most important, the item is much more cheaper compared with the 2 above.

link for the item:

Item from seller 小资情调儿

link for the item:

Item from seller 小资情调儿. So as you seen my earrings here are suitable for ladies without any piercing at their ear lobes.


I paid RM82.99 for the items. In total,  RM82.99 and RM16.11 >  RM99.10 (USD 23.65) was spent for this time 11.11 shopping. 


  1. You got some nice items. That sucks that one of the earrings were broken.


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