Dark Spots Corrector: Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield Radiance Range

Have you ever heard of Pure Beauty? I blogged about it before from Youth Restore Range, Pore Perfection Range  ,  Pomegranate Urban Shield Range to Pink by Pure Beauty (makeup series) , every range I tried and I still using it. If you don't know, Pure Beauty is based on its 4P's philosophy of "Intensive Brightening Power", which consists of Preparation, Preservation, Protection and Prevention! I will explain more in details below.

Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield Skin Care Range
Thinking carrying an umbrella when going out to shield from hot sun? It might not be enough without applying Illuminating Urban Shield skincare!

This time, Pure Beauty comes out the latest range called Illuminating Urban Shield skincare range which has been formulated with the latest technology to enrich your skin's nature glow, protecting you from daily pollution. 

During the event, there was an activity station that allowed guests, bloggers/ media and Watsons VIP members to personalize their umbrellas. 

Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield Skin Care Range

What's 4P (Preparation, Preservation, Protection and Prevention) do in Pure Beauty's products?

  • Preparation- using willow bark extract to enhance healthy skin
  • Preservation- neurolight derived from the certified Natural Star Lily decreases dark spots
  • Protection- Ceramide 123 strengthens your skin's barrier, shielding you from harmful elements in the environment
  • Prevention- prevent exposure to pollution with EPS White helping to reduce dark spots.

Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield Skin Care Range

Pure Beauty invited makeup artist showed to the attendees of how to use the Illuminating Urban Shield skincare range. 

She demonstrated on how to apply serum/essence correctly:
1. Cleanse the skin
2. Place serum/essence on your palm and gently rub it to activate the serum.
3. Push the serum into skin by repeating push & press technique on entire face, neck and decollete

Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield Skin Care Range

The left is the model's bare face. The right is her face after applying Illuminating Urban Shield skincare range and Pure Beauty CC cream. I guess you could see the difference as well. She has even skin tone, no more dull-looking face after the session. 

Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield Skin Care Range

Dalvin sat next to me during the event. She is the Common Ground Community Manager starting next week. She also a former pageant and former Singapore Airlines stewardess. She came to this event after seeing Pure Beauty posted the info on their event page. Her intention coming to this event/workshop is to learn more about Pure Beauty and figuring if she should try Pure Beauty skin care since she always flew here and there (sudden climate changes causes her to have skincare problem due to maladaptation). 

Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield Skin Care Range

Anna the shy girl who did not want me to feature her said she likes the water gel out of all after trying it. While Dalvin selected the sun protector SPF 50+ PA++++ with the star product capsule essence as her favourites.

Illuminating Urban Shield Sun Protector SPF 50+ PA ++++ (priced at RM49.90) provides 50 times the protection of no sunscreen, equivalent to 500 minutes of sun protection. Whereas PA ++++ is the highest grade of protection in the industry against UVA rays.

Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield Skin Care Range

The star product Illuminating Urban Shield Capsule Essence (priced at RM69.90) is formulated with Neurolight which able to reduces dark spots. Marine algae in the capsule is a rich source of metabolites which could fight against oxidative stress and prevent skin aging. The pearl capsule also helps to diminish uneven skin tone. More than 90% of users tested were satisfied with their skin looking bright, flawless and translucent after using the serum. 

Ingredients info:

  • [Neurolight.61 G is an aqueous extract of Pancratiummaritimum, also known as Sea Daffodil or Sand Lily. It is an anti-dark spots neuroactive ingredient. It works by inhibiting pro-melanogenic effects of the neuropeptide ‘Substance P, inhibiting the POMC messenger, inhibiting melanin synthesis and export. Neurolight.61 G reduces the surface area and coloration of pigment spots.] 
  • [Marine algae metabolites include, among others, mycosporine-like amino acids (MAAs), polysaccharides, sulphated polysaccharides, glucosyl glycerols, pigments, and polyphenols.

Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield Skin Care Range

Same like Anna, Illuminating Urban Shield Water Gel (priced RM55.90) is also one of my favourites since the lightweight texture enables it to absorbs easier and faster into the skin. Immediately the skin feels hydrated and refreshed without feeling oily. 

Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield Skin Care Range

If you are having dark spots problem, I would like to recommend to try this range of products which all products in Illuminating Urban Shield Radiance skincare range have been formulated with neurolight that inhibit melanin synthesis targeting for dark spots reduction.

Inspired by Nature, Perfected by Science, Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield range is dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types. 

Illuminating Urban Shield Radiance range is now available at all Watsons stores and Watsons online shop as well. 



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