2018 FIFA World Cup @ Watsons Football Fever

Do you watch the recent 2018 FIFA World Cup? I do but on the selected team and also the finale. The excitement of watching your supporting team getting a goal is indescribable. Last week, I was invited to Watsons Football Fever event at Murni Discovery Mamak Shop in Bukit Jalil together with other football enthusiasts. 

During the football viewing night, Watsons members participated in activities such as photo props selfies, face painting and match voting, where members get to cast their vote on which team they supported. The best of all is I got my personalized jersey with my name printed :)

2018 FIFA World Cup @ Watsons Football Fever

During the FIFA World Cup competition, Watsons Malaysia has come-up with an exciting line-up of football events and “Gifts with Purchase” promotion in-partnership with leading brands such as Bad Lab, Clear Men, Garnier Men, Gillette and Nivea Men.

At the end of the event, the members who voted on the winning team got a chance to win goodies from Watsons. In addition, Watson VIP members who wore their New Balance shoes to the event, stood a chance of winning exclusive pairs of New Balance from the FIFA World Cup range and New Balance branded footballs were also given away in lucky draws.

2018 FIFA World Cup @ Watsons Football Fever

During the rest time, Malaysian Indian Football Association (MIFA) players also presented their football juggling skills at this final football viewing event.

2018 FIFA World Cup @ Watsons Football Fever

I did not win any lucky draw that night as I voted for Croatia in the lucky draw box. But I get to know a new friend, Demie and her partner Adam. We watched the game together till 1.30am + if I was not mistaken. Anyway, congrats to France for winning the World Cup.


  1. Thanks for sharing
    Lovely ))
    Happy Monday dear
    new post

  2. I watched whenever I could. And yes, glad my favourite team won.

    Nice event and happy you met new friends there.

  3. I don’t follow along with football. I do watch America football.

  4. Replies
    1. great especially you see how people reacts when goal

  5. I used to go for the finals but now I behave like a retiree - no more late nights for me ..hahaha!!! I just want to snuggle up with a book in hand.

    1. wow that's great habit yeah
      I wish I could sleep early every day


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