Your First Apartment: To Live with Roommates or Live Alone

Here you are, in the big city with flashing neon lights. You’ve landed your first job and moved out of your parents’ house. Or perhaps you’ve come to the city to earn a living. Whatever the situation that got you here, a place to stay is mandatory.

In the big city, no doubt property is expensive and hence so is the rental. With the average hdb rental price and Singapore resale HDBs on the rise and as a freshie starting out, you probably have a small budget for accommodation. Thus, you might want to find kindred spirits to share the burden of paying the rent. However, beware not to let your desperation lead you to make a bizarre decision that will later come back to haunt you.

Is it better to live with roommates? Or is it better to live alone? There’s no right or wrong answer. Rather, it’s a personal decision that you are entitled to make, and it should depend on what you want. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the common reasons why some people choose to have roommates and why others choose to live alone.

There are many reasons having a roommate is a good idea:

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1. You will save money

The biggest factor influencing whether or not you should have roommates is the cost. This means being able to split the burden of rent. Furthermore, more people means more money in the bucket, and hence you can afford to rent a larger place. This could give you and your roommates more room as well as more value. You can also split the utility bills as well as other apartment expenses.

2. You won’t be lonely

Having roommates living with you, even though you may not be close, means always (well… almost always) having someone else around with you. Living by yourself in the city can get lonely sometimes without your family with you. It’s always comforting to have someone else around to share the burdens of starting out in life.

3.You will create a network

As a twenty-something starting out in life, building your network of contacts is a step that can get you far in any of your endeavors. Having new roommates are a way for you to expand your network both socially and professionally. You never know, your roommate might have a friend who could introduce you to a better job.

4. You will gain convenience

Having roommates means added convenience around your home. This means that there’s always bound to be someone at home. If you have different schedules, your roommate can help you with stuff when you’re not at home to do it, such as watering plants, or feeding your pet. If you have any deliveries, they can be home to receive it in your stead.

5.You will have help

It’s always good to have an extra pair of hands to help. With a roommate, you can split the chores and duties needed to keep your home in tip-top shape. You can also split and share the errands, such as grocery shopping, and even take turns to do the cooking. This helps lighten the load for all of you.

On the other hand, there are also strong reasons for loving alone:

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1. You will have your own space

Having a roommate means less freedom and also more restricted space. Living alone means having your own space. This means you almost certainly have more privacy compared to if you live with others. You are also able to live as you please and do whatever you want whenever you want it. For example, you can have guests over as you please.

2. You will more control

Having roommates around means more cooks in the broth. This means more ideas, more opinions and hence less control. You will also have to work out an agreeable way of regulating the usage of utilities. Living alone means that you are in control of everything around the house, and you make decisions about your space without needing to take into account someone else’s opinions.

3. You will have less potential conflicts

Whether you’re living with a stranger or a best friend, living together is bound to give rise to a clash of personalities. There is always a possible danger of distorting your standing relationship with your roommate. This could be from lifestyle conflicts to financial issues. You never know, living you’re your best friend might not turn out to be the dream it was. You may discover your best friend is a slob and a mismatch for how clean you like your home to be. Sometimes, living alone might be the best way to preserve your sanity, and your friendships.

4. You will have different lifestyles and preferences

Each person has their own distinct lifestyle, as well as preference. For instance, you may expect it to be all peace and quiet at home, while your roommates might like throwing parties and having their friends over often. Living alone is the best answer if you have your own lifestyle and you don’t expect to compromise your lifestyle.

Ultimately, every living situation – whether you’re living solo or in a group – will be a rewarding learning experience. Your best decision is to take into account all your options and make an informed decision that best suits what you want out of your lifestyle and your living space.


  1. For me, it would be with a room mate or two. But hard to find really good one.

    1. indeed hard to find a good roommate
      lucky i did back to uni time :)

  2. Such a great post. I have never had a roommate before. I have either lived with my family and then my Husband.


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