AHA•Ginn Magic Treatment-Face DetoxSlim Skincare Workshop

I was not free that weekend when Joanne asking me to come to her event -Ginn skincare workshop. It is such a long time I never been to any skincare workshop. But as I promised to come, I asked my friend, Dr Khoo to go on behalf of me. I was truly sorry to Joanne that I could not make it at the end. I was actually grateful for his help and willingness to go as for some guys, attending skincare workshop sounds too "girlish" to them. 

See: He was sitting at the front there ... 

But then thinking Dr Khoo is developing his dabai product to cosmetic and skincare usage as he claims the dabai oil is very moisturizing, thus I hope he will get some insights from the session.

He attended the event as promised and he whatsapped me on the spot that other attendees were girls.  As usual, I answered him with some sense of humour

Me: Then enjoy with all leng lui there 
He: No guy there, only me
Me: Untung lo you
He: What untung? Shame to talk to girls
Me:  Open your heart 

Facebook just reminded me that I have been friend with this guy for 9 years.  How time flies 
Hope he manages to find his other half soon.

The event was AHA • GinnSkin Face Detox • Slim Workshop handled by Joanne. The speaker was Ginnie Lam, founder of GinnSkin who also Hong Kong certified beauty expert. She was Mrs International Pageant Champion 2014 and very active in beauty consulting works in HK. Ok, you are right, the lady in white sleeveless blouse and a long black skirt is Ginnie Lam from Hong Kong. For more information about her educational background and professional details, you could log on to her website to have a look.

The model for the facial product demonstration was Joanne herself. She did not expect she was being called to the front as she thought Ginnie arranged someone else. Joanne shared with me about her painful experience with an aesthetic clinic she visited before which she signed a year of contract there as contra deal for a blog post every month. I remembered she told me before she received laser treatment but never did I know she had scars left on her face after the treatment. I did not know all these until Dr Khoo shared with me what happened during the workshop. He was not asking Joanne anything but he heard when she told her encounter with GinnSkin to other attendees that day. I caught up with Jo on another day and asked her if what Dr Khoo told was true. 

Jo: Yup, that's right, I never ever go to laser treatment again. My face worsens after the treatment.

That's her sharing in an interview:
Bagaimana untuk menghilangkan kulit jerawat! Saya percaya semua orang ingin mempunyai kulit yang sempurna dan sihat, saya pun sama. 2 tahun yang lalu, kulit saya mengalami kerosakan akibat beberapa jenis rawatan laser, saya sangat tertekan, dan ketika itu, saya mengelak untuk berjumpa dengan orang lain. Walaupun saya telah mencuba banyak produk, tetapi mereka tidak membantu saya. Tahun lepas, saya bertemu dengan seorang bernama Ginnie Lam. Beliau mempunyai pengetahuan tentang Perubatan Tradisional Cina (TCM), dan dia memperkenalkan saya kepada Produk Ginn Skin, yang mengandungi pelbagai herba, dan mereka membantu detoks & pelangsingan. Setelah saya menggunakannya selama seminggu atau 2, saya dapat melihat hasilnya. Jerawat saya semakin menghilang! Apa yang benar-benar mengejutkan saya adalah produk yang sangat berair, dan sangat berkesan. Begitulah rahsia kejayaan saya menghilangkan masalah jerawat saya, anda pun boleh mencubanya. – Joanne Wee, Beauty Blogger

source: https://bukanaku.com/kecantikan/8674/beauty-bloggers-malaysia-mendedahkan-rahsia-kecantikan-mereka/

Joanne met Ginnie at an International Beauty Expo last year. She then being introduced by Ginnie to try and use her own skincare products developed using her knowledge in Traditional Herbal Medicine study. It sounds convincing when she told the products contain natural herbs.

While doing demo, there was also a hands-on session for the product trial.

A 6-Step "AHA•Ginn Magic Treatment-Face DetoxSlim
 (For all skin types)

Step 1: Slightly Lymphatic & Deep Tissue Massage By AHA's Balance Massage Cream
Step 2: Deep Press Acupuncture Beauty Points With AHA's Aroma Oil
Step 3: Stimulating Massage With AHA's AC Gel Base Cream
Step 4: Release Toxin, Soothing And Calming By Ginn's Herbal Magic Gel Mask
Step 5: Restructuring The Face Shape And Balancing The Skin Hydration With Roller Ball By Applying Ginn's Skin Essence Treatment Water, Ginn's Eye Serum, And Ginn's Face Serum
Step 6: Conditioning And Protecting The Skin using Ginn's Peptide Eye Cream and Ginn's Peptide Face Cream

Dr Khoo summarized as below when he drafted this posting:

"This 'Magic Treatment' really works. A significant change in the face appearance can be clearly seen as shown in the photos (before and after the treatment). First, cleanse the face, followed by toxin releasing and finally restructuring, conditioning to protect the skin.

During the treatment, massaging is one of the essential technique used to improve skin hydration and lymphatic drainage. The skill inclusive deep press, pet, and knead. Herbal magic gel mask is used for skin detoxification, where the toxin will be released from the deep skin layer to its surface. Face lymphatic massage will further improve the blood circulation and maintains the healthy facial skin.

For facial skin restructuring, the skin essence treatment is used. This product contains collagen which is able to tighten the facial skin. The face area is conditioned using face serum, followed by face cream, where these products are rich in polypeptides and hyaluronic acid. The eye areas are conditioned by eye serum and then eye cream to reduce the dark eye circle."

(After reading what he wrote, I think he really paid attention and focus in the class although many "distractions" surrounding him )

From his sharing with me, he personally favours the herbal magic gel mask which he immediately feels the face tightening and firming effect upon application. I was being persuaded by what he said for giving it a try too on this product!

Dr Khoo said GinnSkin is not selling at any drugstore or hypermarket. They are only selling to their own members. You have to join Ginn Fairy Club Membership first with some fee that redeemable with GinnSkin products worth the same value in addition to other privileges as a club member. For registration and details, kindly visit: www.ginninternational.com

p/s: Thanks to Dr Khoo representing me for the event and grateful to Joanne for extending the invite and providing the pictures here


  1. Thanks for insight on laser treatment. I would never go to such extreme.

    Haha. Dr Khoo sound like a fun guy.

    1. hahahaha im speechless
      till you meet her then you know him further

  2. That was super nice of your friend to go to the event for you and take photo's. Plus get info.


    1. yup but he always ahnging around that area during weekend

  3. Aww... so sweet of Dr. Khoo . Good chance for him to mingle and see what products women like ;) By the way, where is he getting dabai?

    1. he get it from MOA Sarawak, go through official procedure which drag about a year plus


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