Free Entrance to Zoo Negara

A trip to Zoo Negara (National Zoo) was quite impromptu. My friend sent me news about Zoo Negara grants free entrance to those born between 16 March till 15 April. I have never been to Zoo Negara for many years, 2 days before the visit, I just asked Joanne together with my another friend to join the trip. Joanne and her bf were having the same birthday that day too. So only one of my friends was paying for the ticket which cost for RM44 inclusive to Giant Panda centre. Only free entrance tickets were given, we still have to pay the parking fee RM10 per entry.

zoo negara

I went to the counter, showed my IC and got my entrance ticket which was a paper band with codes. Upon entry, the staff  scanned the code.

There was no direction guideline to left or right of the zoo after entrance. Referring to the map, we decided towards left and what welcoming us was these flock of birds. I am not too sure the specific name for them.

Double Wattled Cassowary at zoo negara

 The first part we visited was aviary section. We saw the beautiful Double Wattled Cassowary which said could live till 40 years in captivity. The bird has important values economically and ritually to native people of New Guinea.

lion at zoo negara

This photo is one of my favourite shots. The lion was having a nap on the platform. It is an African lion. The male spends 22 hours of the day resting and sleeping.

tiger at zoo negara

We spotted the rare White Bengal tiger apart from the Malayan tiger. This White Bengal tiger was seen like doing catwalk but I was curious if the tiger was hungry. We seem in danger if not with the pool of water there...LOL

giraffe at zoo negara

To our surprise, the zoo is near to residential area. Guess what? Those staying there could just open the window and spotted the giraffe.

I never expect I could enter the Giant Panda centre as the online information said that only those birthday fall on the same day upon visit can enter! But then again Zoo Negara changes the rule, there is no ticket differentiating that you could only enter Zoo Negara except Giant Panda centre. That's only 1 standardize ticket priced at RM44 inclusive of all but not tram ride and 6D movie.

giant panda fu wa

Giant Panda centre is air conditioning but visitors were given only 20 minutes to visit. Feng Yi was in confinement as just giving birth 2 weeks ago. So we only got Fu Wa here.

giant panda fu wa

Fu Wa was busy breaking the bamboo for lunch. Video clip for it will be ready soon!

giant panda fu wa

It was a bit disappointing for not able to see Feng Yi on that day. Hope I will able to see her for my next visit.

chimpanzee family

Walking out from Giant Panda is Ape area. We saw Chimpanzee family at the playground.

chimpanzee family

This was so strange to see and say. One of the chimpanzees'  butt looks like above. 

One of my friends asked me: why the butt is not hairy?

 I  asked him back: Why must hairy? 

He said: If not people easy to see everything then ma shy lo

I answered: Easy wipe off the dirt 

Then he asked me again: Why other chimpanzees are hairy? 

I answered him: Coz others are shy like you! LOL

He: You win liao lo....

orang utan

Orang Utan was having petai as lunch.



Tapir was lying on the ground in deep sleep. It barely moved and really looked like dead if we did not pay a close look to it.


Rhinoceros behind us! They reminded me of Jumanji movie.

Bees and honey

a rare, narrow-snouted crocodile False Gharial

A rare, narrow-snouted crocodile, False Gharial in the pond of mud. Their meals were mainly fish, frogs, and small vertebrates.


One of the hippopotami was in the water. Their lifestyles are semi aquatic.

stump-tailed macaque

Another cute creature in the zoo is this stump-tailed macaque. She  (I assume is female) shouted at my friend to give her some food. Their infants are born in white and darken with age. Originated from South Asia, their food are fruits, seeds, flowers, insects, eggs, frogs and crabs.

cute rabbits

big aquarium in zoo negara

The zoo also exhibits various types of fishes in an aquarium centre. They keep penguins too but the viewing glass window was not well maintained and dirty to view them from outside.

 sea lion performing at zoo negara

Last but not least, there was a live show by the animals. That's few more days left before the end of the free entrance promotion. Hurry if you also born between 16 March and 15 April.


  1. I so can't wait to take my daughter to the zoo this summer time.

  2. That is a good gesture to grant free entrance but why only those born during that period??

    Zoo Negara. Remember my visit with my family back in 2014.

    1. u have to take note of the free promo
      they doing it at different months since last year


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