Lekkers Cafe, Viva Home Cheras

There are a lot of new cafe opening in Klang Valley. It is like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. I was invited by a friend early of April to a special themed cafe in Viva Home Cheras for dining. It is named Lekkers Cafe, Lekkers in dutch means scrumptious.

Tropical Delight RM8.90
The drink in a flask looks like a light bulb. According to the owner, the flask is bought from Pudu market.

Cappucino RM7.90

Chocolate RM11.90
I got my ice blended chocolate too. It was great to have one during the hot weather.

Lekkers Curry Spaghetti with Fish Fillet RM13.90

Lekkers Curry Spaghetti with Pork Chop RM12.90
The curry spaghetti is their creation, combination of the West and the East. We normally have spaghetti either in aglio olio form, carbonara sauce or bolognaise but they put it with curry! Well, I have to say the spaghetti goes well with the curry and al-dente even though was left in the curry soup for some time.

Nissin Soup Noodle with Pork Chop and Egg RM12.90

OP Pork Chop Bun RM8.90
 The sumptuous pork chop burger for the burger lover :) It looks very tempting and appetizing.


 While waiting for all the food to be served, we are allowed to get some of the transformer toys from the cupboard of the cafe to play around. I'm not a super fan of transformer, but I am pretty amazed with it when seeing them transform from a dinosaur to a fighting warrior equipped with weapons. I have been told that some of these collections are very precious as the owner collected since young which is about 30 years ago.

I just wondered if I can bring one home xoxo

Grilled Chicken Chop with Mushroom Soup Spaghetti RM15.90

Thanks for friend and owner for inviting us and celebrate our birthday - April born babies. Here is our birthday cake prepared by the owner who purposely bought it from a hotel :) For more photos, you can always check my instagram for the update on that day.



Thank you all :) April indeed is an unforgettable fun month for me! 


  1. whoaa I'm drooling when I saw the foods, seems like a great place ^^


  2. Looks sooo yummy!! That light bulb drink looks cute<3


    1. yes it is cute and hard to find such flask

  3. A very nice themed cafe. The food looks fusion. Curry spaghetti. That is a first for me. Like that light bulb drink. ^^

    1. yeah special for me too that curry spaghetti..

  4. Awww..that's nice, Emily! What a lovely makan outing. The light bulb bottle is really unique.

  5. Nice place for eating with children ^-^

  6. Interesting! Yup, the light bulb drink looks wonderful.

    I had something like that in Johor too, they use spaghetti instead of noodles in laksa Johor.

    The pork chop bun and macarons looks good too.

    1. hehe ops laksa spaghetti looks interesting


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