Hatyai Train Station

There are a lot more stories from my Hatyai trip last January but I am too busy to write about it. Today, I squeeze out some time to share some pictures at Hatyai train station. Hatyai is a bit countryside and looks like 10 years back compared with KL. There aren't any tall building and attractions. Malaysian who stay in North come for shopping and food. Therefore, train station might be interesting place to visit since it connects Malaysia and other parts of Thailand.


 One of the things that makes tourists happy is the English signboard at train station as we cant read Thai unless we have taken some Thai language lesson before.

Departure > Arrival
Bangkok > Sg Golok
Bangkok > Butterworth
Hatyai > Sg Golok  
Phattalong > Sg Golok
Bangkok > Yala
Nakhonsitammarat > Sg Golok
Surat Thani > Sg Golok
Hatyai > KL
 Nakhonsitammarat > Yala
Chumphon >  Hatyai

Departure > Arrival
Hatyai > Chumphon
Yala > Nakhonsitammarat 
KL > Hatyai
 Sg Golok > Surat Thani
Sg Golok >  Nakhonsitammarat 
Yala > Bangkok

Departure > Arrival
Sg Golok > Bangkok
Sg Golok > Phattalong
Sg Golok > Hatyai 
Butterworth > Bangkok

The railway platform makes me stunning as they allow passengers to pass through it. Well, perhaps they already make it safe for all when the train is not arriving/approaching.

There is an information counter at the railway platform.

Grateful she answered my inquiry with patience. She is kinda friendly even though at last I did not buy any ticket from her.

Different rate for different time of departure, duration of time and type of seating. The cheapest rate is THB259. The highest rate is THB 1594, but one has to endure approximately 15 hours in the train. Are you the one who can sit long hours in train? Well, it really depends on your budget, motive of travel and etc. Some might find it adventurous and interesting as the journey along the railway enables one to see some breathtaking views and more interaction with local with better understanding of their lifestyles which is not possible to make it on road trip and flight.

Well, one can travel to Thai from Malaysia now with 3 different modes of transport: plane, bus/car or train. My advice is to choose according to your own comfort and budget.


  1. Train is fun to travel as you get to see things arpund you although it might be long and uncomfortable. Which reminded me of when I were very small that I travel from Singapore to KL using train. Those were in the 80s!! I remember I had a train sick then. Haha.

  2. Aah...sure takes me down memory lane. I took the train to Perak when I was young! It wasn't very comfortable then, but it sure was exciting. ^.^

  3. What a nice train station. Have a great week.


  4. Good Experience! Nice Trip ya
    Thx For sharing!!
    that's very exciting :)

  5. This station is very pretty :)

  6. Wow, I stay in Perlis don't have time to go there ^-^


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