Affordable Seafood Dinner @ Ocean Seafood Restaurant

I rarely go to Puchong as I'm not staying nearby that area. But hunting for good food is one of the reason for me to travel that far. I just recently been invited for dinner at Ocean Seafood, Puchong.

Lucky enough that day as we managed to find parking within 5 minutes after reaching that place. RM15 signboard is clearly seen. Well, the crab costs only RM15? Read more for my sharing!

The price of crab is stated at the white board. The rate is changing according to market price daily and different with different crab size. RM15 for crab? Yes, it is true. For M size crab weigh between 200-250g, it is only RM45 for 3 crabs in a dish cooked either with butter milk, kam heong, black pepper or marmite. You can opt for other cooking method such as salted egg yolk, sweet & sour, chili, curry, steamed egg white or Indonesian style with additional charge.


It was quite crowded and some people were lining up waiting for the queue during my visit.

Golden beancurd RM12
I arrange the picture of the dish we had that night in ascending order of price. Well, even though it is deep  fried, it is non oily and crunchy at the same time. Taste wise, of course it is finger licking good, and the fastest dish to finish at our table.

Chao Dou fish RM15

Garlic scallop RM15
Salted steam chicken RM15

Prawn cooked in Indonesian style RM15

Fried broccoli with shrimp RM15

Some vegetables to balance out the diet of the day. We need fiber for every diet :)

Kapitan squid RM18

It looks tempting at the sizzling hot pan when the smoke brought the fragrance into our nostrils. The squid cooked with sweet and savoury sauce which make it appetizing!
                                              Hong ban fish RM36

Crab in superior soup size XXL RM88 (2 crabs)


Buttermilk crab size XXL RM88 (2 crabs)
The highlight of the day is the crab. How could one miss out the crab when dining at seafood restaurant? Every thing is given out in luxury portion, and there are crab roe stick at each shell. According to the owner, they have suppliers who bring in the crabs twice a day! Well, it means all crabs are freshly prepared. The crabs are imported from Indonesia.


This is the bill of the night. Total damage is RM326 including the Chinese tea for 6 pax. 

Ocean Seafood Restaurant Address:
21, Jalan Puteri 2/3, 
Bandar Puteri, 
47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia 


  1. sound like a nice place for food.

  2. Drooling! A nice place for seafood. I would love to dig into the fish and crab! And that golden beancurd too, usually rectangle shape, but this one is cyclinder. too cute.

  3. Amazing restaurant ! Kisses :)

  4. What's that Hokkien word ... 'ho liao' or 'ho chiak'? ^.^

  5. Wow, too great menu make I hungry ^-^


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