The Sky: Sky Dining and Chill Out Hub @ One City

Celebrated its grand opening on 23 Jan 2015, The Sky has so much to offer for dining and leisure experience. The Sky boasts mouth-watering range of international cuisine that includes Thai, Korean and western delights, not forgetting a sport bar with darts games, pool table facilities and a chill-out lounge featuring live bands, a new remarkable place for dining, chill-out, events, music and gatherings.

刚在1月23日开张的The Sky在饮食和娱乐方面非常的多样化。The Sky推出日,韩,泰和西餐厅,电子飞镖和桌球为卖点的运动休闲酒吧,live band 音乐酒吧,各提供复合式餐点以特色调酒。

Being one of the reputable market leaders in the entertainment industry for more than 25 years in distribution, production, acquisition, publishing and artist management in recent years, PMP Entertainment Group is now expanding its mission and to diversify its business combining the entertainment and food and beverage industry. The sky is proud to introduce a whole new dining and leisure experience to all food lovers.  

The Sky 高空餐饮区为中文唱片界立足已久的环宇娱乐集团 (PMP Entertainment) 所开拓的全新事业版图。环宇娱乐集团旗下拥有的业务包括唱片制作与发行,电视电影版权代理,艺人经纪公司及节目,广告制作公司。续广泛的娱乐业务之后,The Sky 为环宇娱乐集团跨足餐饮业打响第一炮!

The Sky: Sky Dining and Chill Out Hub @ One City
Hongdae-Mun @ The Sky, One City
Hong Dae Mun serves varisties of Korean and local BBQ dishes with steamboat dining being the newest addition to its menu. On weekends it transforms into a dance club with a DJ booth, with its wide inferior space suitable for closed door parties or private functions.

Hong Dae Mun 是一家韩式餐厅/酒吧,平日提供各式韩式与本地烧烤,周末晚上则变成DJ打碟的舞厅,日趋受欢迎的韩式火锅也即将引进到HDM 的最新菜单。宽敞的室内与灯光效果都是HDM 的卖点,适合大班好友包场派对,也是举办活动如记者会,粉丝见面会的最佳场地选择。

Opening hour 营业时间: 1500-0100

The Sky: Sky Dining and Chill Out Hub @ One City
Khrua Thai @ The Sky, One City
Khrua Thai offers an array of highly flavoursome and authentic Thai cuisine for diners who enjoy seafood and sour,spicy dishes. Head chef Nok heads the all-Thai kitchen team, insisting that all the main ingredients and cooking methods come directly from Thailand, ensuring a completely authentic Thai experience. It is the perfect venue for dinner gatherings for friends and families.

泰国美食一向来深得民心,Khrua Thai 的厨房团队都是泰国人,来自泰国的大马媳妇Nok身为厨房总监亲自支配工作及沟通。Nok大厨对材料极为讲究,故此主要材料都是泰国进口,数量也是有限。Khrua Thai连烹饪器皿都坚持使用泰国家庭主妇和厨师专用的泰国锅,虽然Nok在食物调味上做出许多改良,但美食仍然保有道地泰国风味,让消费者细尝泰式温馨。

Opening hour 营业时间: 1100-2300

Inano Sushi @ The Sky, One City

Inano Sushi @ The Sky, One City

Opening hour 营业时间: 1100-2300

Master Room @ The Sky, One City
As a sport bar, Master Room offers a pleasant darting and pool game experience, and guests are spoilt for choice with its wide variety of fusion dishes. It makes a great location for the after-work crowd who are looking to chill-out and unwind, and who want to enjoy the perfect weekend night out.

Master Room 运动休闲酒吧绝对呼应了喜爱夜生活的都市人的需求,Master Room 设置了酒吧新宠--电子飞镖及撞球桌。近年来美式软镖的电子标靶机陆续进驻国内的夜店酒吧或餐厅,射镖运动渐渐形成新风潮。撞球在我国原本就盛行多时,消遣之时,与三五好友畅饮赏夜景无疑是一大乐事。另外,这里的复合式小吃及调酒也不容忽视,开张至今周末都座无虚席,深受年轻人欢迎。

Opening hour 营业时间: 1500-0300

The Voice @ The Sky, One City
The Voice is a lounge that comes with a live band that provides great modern and classic music, all in the comfort of its cozy and urban style dining experience. With its open stage, professional sound system and big LED screen, it is specially designed as a great stage for showcases and mini concerts. Guests can enjoy live musical performances from talented homegrown recording artistes.

The Voice的诞生是整个The Sky项目中的初衷,却也是最后才完成的。从娱乐事业横跨餐饮,环宇集团最原始的想法就是要把经营多年的老本行融入餐饮业,想打造一个让live乐队歌手可以展现才华的场所,The Voice每天都有live band 演出,表演阵容更包括多位专业发片歌手。 The Voice 的室内装潢从一开始就选择室内外可相通,采取开放式空间以容纳更多人,专业规格的音响配备与20尺宽的超大LED背景,更能满足表演者在舞台上的演绎要求。

Opening hour 营业时间: 1500-0300

Petite Nasi Lemak @ Master Room

Mediterranean Caesar Salad with Quail Eggs @ de House

Prawn and Fish Cake Combo @ Khrua  Thai

Yakitori Moriawase @ Inano Sushi

Momiji Sashimi @ Inano Sushi

Korean Fried Chicken @ Hongdae-Mun

Charcoal Barbeque Lamb @ Hongdae-Mun

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio Vongole (Clam) @ de House

Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream @ Master Room

That's all the food we had during the grand opening of The Sky's restaurants. My favourite is for sure the sumptuous chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream!

Till here my food post sharing from The Sky, for more information, please visit:


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