A day before flag off to Borneo Safari International 4x4 Challenge

Thanks for all comment in previous post. Now it is obvious that the plane has crashed at Java sea. More and more bodies has been recovered. Really saddening news for everyone especially the family members of the fatalities. I hope the rescue team will able to find the others soon! May the souls of those sacrificed rest in peace.

This is the first aviation tragedy of Airasia. Flashing back my fifth time taking Airasia to Sabah, it was a smooth 2 and half hour journey! Thanks God for the good weather. Not only that, it was my first time seeing all crews doing cat walk, singing, dancing and playing games with passengers! It is really hard to imagine I know but that's the truth!

That was my second time to Sabah. However, it's my first time joining Borneo Safari trip organized by Sabah Four Wheel Drive Association (SFWDA).  My friend and I arrived a day earlier before the event. We stayed at the spacious Marina Court for a day.

I have no choice but to stay with another 5 men in this house as arranged by the organizer. Nevertheless they are very nice gentlemen as two of them volunteered to sleep at the living room so that I can have a room by myself. Thanks to the Dr Parameswaran and Mr Lionel from themalaymailonline.com.

The house is equipped with basic amenities like in one's home such as iron, hair dryer, fridge, stove, cups, kettle, dish cleanser, pan, scissors and washing machine.

My room is facing the seaside and Oceanus shopping mall which is still under renovation.

After taking bath, we walked to Waterfront Kota Kinabalu which is a stone thrown away from Marina Court for leisure stroll.

At night, we head over to Restaurant Old Farm for dinner! It's recommended by local Sabahan friend that the price is affordable and the seafood is fresh! We ordered steam crabs, ma lai feng guang (fried vegetables with belacan), bitter gourd fried with salted eggs and tofu. Personally I don't like the bitter gourd fried with salted egg, it's disappointing. Thought it will be as tasteful as what I had in Bahau when I saw the dish name in menu, but in the end turn out to be something different.

Next morning, we packed up our luggage and board on the assigned 4X4 wheels to Gaya street to have our breakfast. As you can see from the window of my room, the car already waiting for me downstairs xoxo (yup, I'm bit slow)

The time in Sabah is much more earlier than KL. At 6am, the sun already risen to the sky. According to my Sabahan friend, the hawkers need to come here as early as 4am to set up the stalls in Gaya street. This is to avoid the car can't get in and also much easier to find car park. 


And so this laksa is recommended by a local friend. I forgot the shop name but it's located at Gaya street. The shop is crowded and luckily we didn't need to wait and managed to find seats. I must say the laksa is delectable as it looks.


Perhaps some of you seen this before at my previous post here! It's a frog bag! Well, as its name suggested, it made with real frog :P All the while I thought it is synthetic until my friend told me it's real. As I was curious and did not believe him thus I asked the boss to find out the answer and yes he is right!


Anyone know what's this? This is something great for man! Used to treat sexual dysfunction and male infertility....called 'Tongkat Ali' in local. Effective or not? I can't answer you guys right now as I'm not married yet. Haha wait till I get married first yeah!

Taking a walk at Gaya street certainly opens one's eye! The market is selling things different than market in KL and most of the products are produced locally. Guess what I'm holding? It's Roselle! I heard a lot of Roselle especially when all kinds of Roselle juices brands mushrooming the racks of hypermarket but I never see it in real xoxo

Besides, I found a few stalls selling seedling of different fruits and herbs. Some of the plants' names are rarely seen and heard of in KL such as Tarap Kahwin, Mangga Merah Madu, Limau Gajah Madu Merah and etc.

There is a stall selling gong and other types of musical instruments. Interested to know more about gong making and gong village? You can read more here.

Till here, I will share more about my Borneo Safari trip next post! I'm sure it's exclusive! xoxo Stay Tune!

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  1. what a cute little market. I hope you have a great weekend

  2. What an amazing trip and the images are always great so is the food I always learn something new with your blog, I kind of upset with the frog bag made out of real flog god did not give these creatures to be use in that way but is not your fault you are just introducing what you get to see. Have a great weekend.

    1. yeah
      i hope there will be some awareness about the hunting of frog for souvenir
      something needs to be done by the government

  3. thats a nice place for 5 !! I love the view too !
    Wishing you a very successful 2015. xoxo

  4. Hello from Spain: a sad news. Nice pics and fabulous trip. Keep in touch

  5. loved looking through your pics :)
    check out my Christmas photos at www.lovefromsimmie.com :)
    happy new year! lots of love. xoxo

  6. Nice! It's one of my favourite markets ^.^

    1. huhu it's so much things to explore right? xoxo

  7. Great photos!! That crab looks unreal good!



    My Closet Life Blog

  8. Nice post. Look like a fun holiday in Sabah.

  9. looks like a really fun trip :) so many interesting things for sale <3


  10. Fabulous post ! Thank you to share your travel with us.
    Happy New Year Emily !! :)

  11. what a trip, you're so lucky and I wish you a great year 2015!

  12. How exciting Emily! Happy new year by the way :-)
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  13. Hi sweetie!
    Great post, seems a nice travel
    And tasty food

  14. I also love the trip like that... looks amazing ^-^

  15. beautiful pics

  16. Looks like you are having an amazing time.

  17. Emily, I've yet to visit Sabah. Certainly looking fwd to your 4-wheel safari tour........

  18. Great Post! Follow each other on GFC, Google+, Twitter, facebook, Instagram and Bloglovin? If yes, follow me and i follow back as soon as i see it. Let me know with a comment on my Blog

    Keep in Touch xx Rabea from germany

  19. This looks so interesting. I'm totally jealous of the view of your room!

  20. you always visit such an amazing places!

    1. you are right
      but just once in a while not always

  21. Oh the house looks pretty nice and the food looks delicious!
    Thanks for share about your trip


  22. Thank for sharing, your trip alway amazing.


  23. Hello Emily, hope everything is all right for you ? Kisses :)

  24. Great post and cool photos!

  25. I didn't get to visit Gaya Market the last time I visited KK. I would to do that some other time. Wow! its great for you to have opportunity to join this expedition. I have fun reading your discoveries.

  26. you always show us so many nice places
    new post: http://tupersonalshopperviajero.blogspot.com.es


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