New Systema Spiral – 40% Cleaner without Brushing Hard!

According to the Malaysian Dental Association, many studies indicate that two out of three people brush their teeth too hard and this could lead to thinning of enamel, receding gum lines and hypersensitivity. Signs of this self-inflicted destruction usually appear by middle aged (35 years). 

 In line with this, Systema, a leading oral care expert and the first to introduce the 0.02mm bristle tip toothbrushes in Malaysia, presents a new variant – Systema Spiral that removes 40% more plaque without brushing hard. 

In response to the introduction of the new Systema Spiral, Goh Cheng Looi, Senior Brand Manager, Oral Care Department, Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, shared on the importance of bristles and brushing in maintaining a good oral care, “Malaysians need to be more aware about the risks of using the wrong bristles and brushing hard. One way to take precaution is to use the perfectly slim 0.02mm bristle tip toothbrush that penetrates deeper yet flexible enough to clean the hard to reach areas without the need to brush too hard. Systema has always led the toothbrush innovation since the introduction of 0.02mm toothbrush and we hope to continue this and help Malaysians have cleaner, healthier and stronger teeth and gums with the launch of the new Systema Spiral.” 

Systema Spiral has special hexagonal shaped bristles twisted together to form spirals – enabling six sharp sides to scrape away 40% more plaque without brushing hard. The toothbrush also has a thumb grip for better control and comfort. It comes in four different handle colours, namely Orange, Green, Blue and Pink.

In the next few months, Malaysians can catch the Systema toothbrush in action during upcoming action blockbusters – Spiderman, X-Men, Planet of the Apes and Transformers at any TGV cinemas nationwide. Through this viewers of these popular movies can find out more about the toothbrush. Also, those excited for an opportunity to sample Systema Spiral can log on to to be updated on how and when to participate. 

Systema Spiral is available in most hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide. Purchase the new Systema Spiral at RM8.90 for a pack of one or RM17.80 for a pack of three. 

Systema is one of the brands parts of Southern Lion Sdn Bhd. Southern Lion has been active in educating Malaysians on oral care, as part of its social contribution programme. It had established the Lion Dental Healthcare Centre (LDHC) in 1998, to increase awareness of oral care hygiene among the Malaysian public, especially to school children across Malaysia. To date, the Centre has reached out to more than 700,000 Malaysians. 

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