Only The Original Burger @ Johny Rockets, Avenue K, KL

Last week I was lucky enough to be selected by Avenue K to join the food hunt with other bloggers in Avenue K shopping mall. There were 20 participating outlets which most of them I never visited before. One of the most exciting restaurant I dined in was Johny Rockets.


Narrow entrance from the shopping mall....thought it was small inside but....

larger than I expected.....and there were a lot of diners too


I was surprised as I never expected the crowd. That triggered me to ask my friend who visited the restaurant previously and she is a blogger too. The feedback I got from her was perhaps the large portion of the restaurant provided making her feeling full, that's why making her revisit. For those who been here before, what is your comment?

Garden Salad RM15.90
 I just ordered Garden Salad that day. It is crisp, leafy salad greens served with fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, olives, onions, grated cheddar cheese & sesame dressing. Well, I really like it as it is such a healthy meal and the sesame dressing gives it a kick.

Vanilla Shakes RM14.90
The cold, sweet and creamy vanilla shakes is just irresistible!

The original RM19.90
 My friend ordered another dish-The Original. This is the one that started it all in 1986, on Melrose Ave., in Los Angeles. The original comes in set- burger (meaty tender patty served with crisp coral lettuce, fresh tomato slice, diced onions, relish, pickles, mustard & mayonnaise), fries and salad. Just the American way...

The original RM19.90
Her comment about the patty is yummylicious, not too dry and juicy :)

This reminds me of some facts of Johny Rockets restaurant:
-Made from 100% imported & pure beef, no fillers (that's why so yummylicious and making every customer return for more)
-Patty weighs 150 grams almost like a whole steak
-Made fresh daily, cooked to order (I give it a WOW)
-Made using original recipe, used since 1986 (after 28 years, we still can eat the original flavour!)


I will certainly revisit the restaurant not only because of the food, but also the hospitality provided by the restaurant. Have a look at the video (resized..thus not so clear)!Frankly speaking, I'm just so happy and warm in heart dining at this funky restaurant.

G - 8 A Ground Floor, Avenue K, 
Jalan Ampang, Kampung Baru,
 50450 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur


  1. We are getting more restaurants like this here too! I really like this type of concept. Personally, I rather spend the extra dollar and get something like this than McDonnald's or something between those lines.
    Take Care*

  2. I've not been here, but it sure does look 'happening' ;)

  3. Lovely post. Great menu!

  4. This is a hip place Emily so cool and you cannot go wrong enjoying a burger. The atmosphere is like back in Marilyn Monroes era perfect.

  5. The burger is huge! Yummy looking.

  6. aw cool, its called Eddie Rockets here in Ireland and the food is so yummy! :) i followed your lovely blog, i hope you follow mine too :) :)

  7. So yummy ! I want to discover this restaurant !


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