Contemporary Fusion Restaurant @Wondermama X, Avenue K, KL

This was another new restaurant visited with other Avenue K bloggers last week.

Wondermama is a vibrant, contemporary and creative Malaysian restaurant that brings a sophisticated twist to the traditional local flavors and casual dining. Since it was established in 2012, it received an overwhelming response from both local customers and international audience.


The first flagship outlet in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur quickly became one of the most beloved restaurants in the city,and here the second outlet Wondermama X continues to bring out the best.

"The Wondermama Concept is all about enjoying delightful food and friendly service in bright and contemporary settings, brought together by a team of Malaysian chefs and creative minds from Hong Kong and Germany. Our concept is based on a mix of colonial design and industrial chic, creating an atmosphere full of old charm and contemporary simplicity." Wondermama website


Frankly I like the setting and deco in the shop. 


 The menu of the restaurant is just a file clip with printed papers. Nothing special but price for each dish and drink is listed clearly.

Grapefruit drink with yakult RM16
 I wanna ordered Nasi Lemak 4.0 as recommended by my friend who said that is one of the signature dish over here. But as we came in after 3pm, there was no more nasi lemak served.

Salmon with garlic sauce RM12

Prawn with garlic sauce RM14
Thus I just ordered Yaki Tori. Same as my friend. Both of us ordered different skewers. We shared our dish so that we can tasted both.

The most fun part of the restaurant deco is the glass window. I seldom see these things in any restaurant nowadays. Here I found some words that I hope someone says to me:" 瘦咗涡你!"meaning you slim already.....then I can continue eat more without worrying weight gain XOXO 

G-8C, Ground Floor, Avenue K, 
156 Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mon – Sun: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm


  1. Nice post, Emily. I haven't been here yet! :D

  2. 我觉得, 跑步是很好的瘦身法, 亲身体验哦, 哈哈。。。
    我每次跑过后, 都会大吃一场。

    1. 以前我是真的很勤劳跑步的

  3. nice place, the drink looks yummy
    Keep in touch

  4. Delicious and refreshing place to go.

  5. You look great. It must be a lot of fun trying out all these new restaurants.

  6. Stunning images. Great job on this post. Happy Wednesday! :)

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  7. The decor is amazing. Such a beautiful experience.

  8. hi girl, thanks for visiting my blog,
    Im following you , follow back ?:)
    love this post, the food looks so amazing


  9. So you can continue to visit the restaurant and write about them.

  10. Wow, nice deco in that restaurant ^-^

  11. Stunning place ! Food looks delicious :)


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