Preppie and Petals Christmas Gift Collection from Guardian

 Still looking for Christmas gift for your family and friends but clueless of what to get? Here I'm sharing an idea.....


Preppie bath care collection inclusive of 100ml lotion, 100ml body scrub, 100ml body wash and body puff.(RM19.90)

 The Preppie products are packed nicely in a box. Aren't they attractive? I'm sure everyone will be happy to receive such gift especially girls.

Preppie hand cream collection of 4: 30ml Magnolia Bliss, 30ml Rose Blossom, 30ml Lavendar Bright and 30ml Honey Bloom. (RM19.90) Hand cream is such a useful product for all ladies as we often doing house core like washing dishes and clothes which make our hand feeling dry. To all husbands, it's time to present something to reward your wives!

 Preppie bath, hand and body care gift collections present an extensive range of beautiful elegance to love delicate skin of you and me.

Stay beautiful in the blossom of Petals....
Petals bath, hand and body care gift collections bring us a soft and dreamy enchanting floral indulgence to delight souls for you and me!The body care bag comes with 100ml body wash, 100ml body lotion, 100ml body scrub and flannel (RM19.90)! is suitable for those who travel often.

Another pack of petals comes with 100ml body butter, 100ml body scrub and shower lily sponge (RM15.90).

The products of Petals have very light smell. In addition the packaging is simple yet elegant. Thus, I think is more suitable for guys. 

Preppie and Petals can be purchased from all Guardian store. 

Here some other ideas for Christmas present!

Adorable Hello Kitty merchandize...I'm sure it will be a perfect gift for little girls! 


Some free gifts from Guardian for purchasing above certain amount! Well, happy shopping everyone!

Till here, Happy Winter Solstice and Merry Christmas!


  1. Ohhh everything looks so pretty :3

  2. Nice gift tips. Looks like really cute gift sets.=)

  3. Ooo, this is a good one. I bought one too and have given it away already ^.^

  4. The gifts are so beautiful. Lovely sharing.

    Merry Christmas Emily.

  5. Lovely gifts <3
    I wish you a fabulous Christmas :)

  6. nice pretty products!
    And i wish you very nice Christmas!!!

  7. Awesome for make a gift for someone special... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Emily...
    Sorry for the late wishes to you ^-^

  8. Wow so many cute things!! I hope you had a happy Christmas :) In the meanwhile, wanna follow each other, maybe inspire each other? Please let me know! :) Happy New Year!


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