My hair treatment @ K' Cut Salon

K'Cut Salon 是部落客好友Wendy 弟弟开的理发店。我去的那天,店面才开了一个星期,也还未正式开张礼。

K'Cut Salon is opened by Wendy's brother. It has opened for a week but they are yet to launch the grand opening.

理发店在一座组屋的楼下,对面是排屋。忘了说店面就在旧古仔路。里面装潢简单舒适,地面还很干净,可能我那天迟了,KK 已经打扫干净。

The salon is located below a flat, opposite the shop is double storey house. The shop is located at Kuchai Lama. The interior design is simple but comfortable and clean.

某天Wendy 问我是否有兴趣去他弟弟的店面做hair review,不多想,我马上答应了,因为见过我的人都知道我的头发多么的糟糕啊!

店面只开到7点,但是我从sentul 6点赶过去,在klcc塞了整1个小时半,真的很不好意思因为我抵达时,已经7点45分了!把我的头发绑带拆下来,看吧我的头发像杂草 =.=

One day Wendy asked me if I was interested for a hair review, without thinking much, I said yes. Those who met me before knew how bad my hair look. 

The shop opens till 7pm everyday. That day I was late because of traffic jam. By the time I reach, it was 7.45pm! Look my hair before treatment, it was so terrible like weeds =.=


First he cut my hair before proceeds to wash hair!


He did not mention what brand is the shampoo but one of the ingredients in shampoo was peppermint as you know the smell quite noticeable! Peppermint gave a cool feeling when washing!

今天我是来做hair treatment, 以上是KK 使用的产品。据说是来自Morocco的Argan oil! 

I was coming that day for hair treatment. Above products used by KK for the treatment. They are Argan oil made from Morocco!

搽了hair mask 后,过后的进度是倒入最后那瓶的argan oil,然后拿来“蒸”!

After applying hair mask, the last step was pouring in the argan oil, then time to steam my hair!


I was quite worry when they put my head in the new bought machine. (I must admit I watch too much movie!)


Then after that, he washed my hair again. This was the look before blowing with hair dryer.


After blowing, miracle happened! My hair was silky smooth and I change to another person!


I did not put any make up that day. By the time my hair finished, without any makeover, I also look good! (hehe, muka tembok)


I really love the hair after blow. The hair part behind my head was great, I was no more the same person.

 非常谢谢K'Cut Salon, KK 以及Wendy! 好喜欢那时候的秀发!

Really thanks to K'Cut Salon, KK and Wendy!I really in love with the hair!


  • AS-6,First floor,
  • blok a,jalan 1/115a taman kuchai jaya, 
  • 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


  1. OMG!!! The before after difference is clearly visiable.. Looking forward to english translation..
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  2. your hair looks so pretty! would you like to follow each other? let me know! xo


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