Sasa: Shape Up Campaign With Collistar

Guess where I am?

Yup, I was at Sasa event that day! Ok, lets scroll down and read what happened...
是的,那天我在Sasa 的活动!好,来往下看当天发生的事情。。

Recently, Sa Sa (M) Sdn Bhd is collaborating with Collistar and Celebrity Fitness in the search for eighty eight (88) customers to join a holistic body program - “Shape Up Challenge with Collistar” that only takes 90 days for an incredible result; and what’s a little more motivation, the Grand Prize of a trip to Italy plus other fabulous prizes.

最近,Sasa与Collistar以及Celebrity fitness 联手配合寻找88位顾客一起参与 “与Collistar一起塑身挑战”-是个全方位的减肥计划,只需在90天内达到惊人效果,而且为了激励参赛者,冠军可赢得去意大利的机会以及其他丰富奖品等。

Those VIP guests attending that day included:

Standing from left ;
1. Mr John Tan, Winner of Manhunt Malaysia 2012
2. Ms Hunny Madu,FLY FM radio announcer, TV host, and a musician
3. Director of Marketing, Ms Lily Fong
4. Mr Goh Wee Ping, TV Host & Actor on NTV7
5. Mr Lim, Celebrity Fitness Malaysia ( partner of Shape Up Challenge)
6. Director of Category Management & Product Development Ms Alice Lau
7. Director of Finance and Administration, Mr Loh Yew Meng
8. Director of Retail Operation & Training, Mr Ignatius Tee

They doing live demo on Ms Hunny Madu.
他们在Ms Hunny Madu 身上做示范。

“Shape up with Collistar” is a holistic body program which integrates shape up into lifestyle with 4 simple steps. The four stages of workshop starts with;
 Step 1 – Exfoliation & Cellulite Softening;
 Step 2 – Fat Burning & Slimming;
 Step 3 – Tone, Firm, & Shape Sculpturing;
 Step 4 – Bust Firming & Volumising.

I was testing out the product and been shot by the event photographer. Sometimes there is benefit to wear shorts to an event ^^

With RM150 enrollment fees, participants who join the Shape Up Challenge will receive;

a. FREE Collistar Shape Up Challenge starter pack worth RM495.
b. FREE 30 days Celebrity Fitness membership with unlimited access to fitness classes
c. 50% off on Shape Up Challenge program’s products up to 90 days
d. 4 monthly workshops to gain useful tips and information on good nutrition & exercise tips.

I know Londxn Weight management and some other slimming company out there. They are charging at around RM10k for slimming course. So my advise is why not joining this program since we can get much more benefits with only RM150 and prizes to be won.

Well, 30 days Celebrity Fitness membership with unlimited access to fitness classes is quite attractive to me! Ok, I like exercise and the clue to slim down faster is to do exercise as well as using Collistar product to help out.

Light snack at the event...

Sa Sa also recommends an absolute new product with an extraordinary innovation - Collistar Biorevitalizing Anticellulite Concentrate, a truly avant-grade formula which draw inspiration from two techniques in cosmetic medicine; biorevitalizing and mesotherapy. 

Anticellulite action, “messotherapy” effect Meso-Dren ComplexTM fights imperfections caused by cellulite with a cocktail of active ingredients similar to those used in mesotherapy. 

Recompacting action, “biorevitalizing” effect by drawing inspiration from aserhetic doctors, Bio-shape ComplexTM smoothes, regenerates and firms skin tissues. The results – ‘Orange Peel’ effect and fat accumulations fade away. The silhouette is lightened, skin becomes more toned and compact.

Collistar Biorevitalizing Anticellulite Concentrate is their star product. So I must have a test on it my own. The texture is liquid based and easily absorbed. Have your try and have your say!


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