Majlis Komuniti Rumah Terbuka Aidilfitri Merdeka 2013 @ Mydin USJ

在收到Mydin请柬的时候,我有点犹豫是否要出席,因为该间离我家还蛮远的,再加上他只写有马来艺人来表演,所以兴趣不大。不过后来,想一下,反正得空,"开放家户" 应该有东西吃,所以就拉了男友一起参与。

When I received invitation from Mydin, I was hesitate to go or not as the mall is far away from my home. Moreover, the e-card only written there was only Malay celebrity performance and nothing else. But we decided to change our mind afterwards as we were free on that day and we expected feasts served during open house, so I brought my bf cum photographer to go.


Upon arrival, the car park slots were almost full. We need to park our car further away from the mall. We were shocked when we saw so many people lining up in front of the entrance.


The line was very long till outside the mall and the sun was high up the sky. Because of curiosity, I decided  to ask the staff at media registration counter of what was happening. They answered me politely that they were having lucky draw for first 1000 people who registered and there were 50 prizes to giveaway. The percentage of getting the prize was 5 %, the chance was not high though. We discussed among each other whether to join in the crowd for lining up.

Then, we decided to have a peek on the prizes first...

哇,首奖是51 寸Samsung 电视机,次奖是 32 寸Samsung 电视机!

Wow, the grand prize is 51 inch of Samsung TV and second prize is 32 inch Samsung TV!


They also giving away microwave oven, blender, radio, iron and etc!


The gifts were plenty and without any more hesitation, I asked him to line up!

大概等了15-30 分钟,就轮到我们了!我的号码是364, 填了资料后,工作人员便把纸张投去箱子内。

Waited almost 15-30 minutes, it was our turns! My lucky number was 364. After filled in the form, the staff throwed our papers into the box.

过后,我们好无聊,因为节目730 才开始。食物档口也是。

Then we were so bored because we have to wait until 730pm.


To release our bored, we went for a walk around the mall and took some pictures.


One of the stall was ice-cream stall. I believed that the queue for this stall would be very long.

730 后,我们吃了再出来拍点档口照片。这个Kambing Golek 所剩无几。

Kambing Golek stall- not much meat left at the lamb body.


It was estimated that 5-6k of crowd liven up the open house event.

当天Mydin 也派送一些礼物给2个慈善团体包括Pusat Jagaan Kanak-kanak Miskin & Anak-Anak Yatim Rukaiyah Sg Merab, Kajang 以及 Pusat Jagaan Nur Hasanah  Kg Sesapan Kelubi, Beranang.

Mydin also distributed goodies bag/ gifts to 2 charity association which were Pusat Jagaan Kanak-kanak Miskin & Anak-Anak Yatim Rukaiyah Sg Merab, Kajang and Pusat Jagaan Nur Hasanah  Kg Sesapan Kelubi, Beranang.

媒体以及部落客也有些礼物,通通都是食物呢!感谢Mydin 的慷慨!
My doorgift as media/blogger, all were food! Thanks to Mydin for their generosity!

My lucky draw gift


  1. Omg, que to enter the mall.. :0
    I am hosting my first ever giveaway, you can win $30 clothes, would love if you can enter
    Keep in touch,

    1. they are having lucky ppl line up for registration!

  2. Replies
    1. 哈哈,我也有叫你去,只可惜你约了朋友聚会,要不然你也可能有礼物拿!


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