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Mary Quant Workshop @ Muse By Watsons

虽然Muse By Watsons 开张也有一段时间,可是这还是我第一次到来这里。若不知道Muse By Watsons 是什么,那么你就要去这里走一走看一看了!Muse By Watsons 与Watsons 属同一家公司,但是这家是注重售卖化妆以及护肤用品的店,而且售卖的产品都是经过精挑细选才能在此出售,也就是我们所讲的premium brand, 价格的价位是中高等级。

This is my first time been here even though Muse By Watsons has been operated for a few months. If you don't know what is Muse By Watsons, then you need to come here and have a look! Muse By Watsons and Watsons belong to the same company but this outlet is focusing to sell premium brand of skincare and makeup products, all these products are under delicate selections. Therefore the prices of goods are at medium high range.

这次我特来此是为了出席Mary Quant的workshop。Mary Quant 是在今年的8月中进入大马消费市场,是很新的产品,所以相信很多本地人也对他毫无头绪。

I went there that day for Mary Quant workshop. Mary Quant has been sold on shelf in Malaysia market since August, which is a very new brand, and unknown by many people.

这是Muse By Watsons 玻璃柜展示的Mary Quant 产品。个人很喜欢这一款黑雏菊的彩盘,很特别的设计!

This is one of the Mary Quant products displayed at the window in Muse By Watsons. I really love the black daisy design of the palette!

workshop 地点就在本店内的中间位置,那里有4个化妆座椅,平时是让顾客坐在那体验本店内的产品。

Workshop is held at the middle of the shop. There is 4 chairs which allow shoppers to sit down and have a make over.


We reached early and all crews not ready yet and some bloggers yet to arrive, so we just walked around and took pictures.

Mary Quant 的标志是朵黑雏菊,这背后有她的故事:
There is a story behind the black daisy (brand symbol of Mary Quant):
“The Black Daisy” is the brand symbol of Mary Quant. A black flower, unique in the world, impossible to produce through the power of science; it is the symbol of the freedom fashion designer Mary Quant gave to women, and of the Mary Quant brand which continues to defy convention to create new forms of beauty.

Eye Opener 字眼的由来:
Where is Eye Opener wording comes from?

Mary Quant’s colour cosmetics have slightly unusual names. “Eye Opener” comes from the eye-widening effect of the eye shadows, while “Talkative Eyes” eyeliner will make you the centre of attention without saying a word. The names conjure up an image of the products through dramatic descriptions of their properties.

看看以上的产品包装,你有什么感想?Mary Quant 对她的产品包装有一套想法:

Look at the packaging above, what do you think? Mary Quant has her own thought:

Packaging, adorned with the daisy motif, is simple and stylish. Eye Opener, Blush Baby and other products allow favourite colours to be freely combined in a palette, embodying Mary’s desire to see people combining her “parts” however they like.

这是Mary Quant 口唇的颜色,颜色多到有20种,全部都是属于较正常的颜色。

Mary Quant lipstick has 20 colours for selections and all belongs to normal colours.

当天也请来由日本来的化妆师 Nobuko Takaki 教我们如何使用Mary Quant的产品,化出美丽的彩妆。

They invited Nobuko Takaki, a makeup artist coming from Japan to demonstrate of how to use their products to make over.

Mary Quant 有2种makeup bases, 那就是oil zap 以及moisture zap。左边的是oil zap, 涂在皮肤上时,感觉较轻薄,据说是用在脸部T-zone;moisture zap 带点粉色,涂起来会比较滋润还有点发亮,适用于脸的其他部分。

Mary Quant has 2 makeup bases which is oil zap and moisture zap. Oil zap when applying is very thin in texture and suitable for T-zone; moisture zap is pinkish colour and thicker in texture with glowing during application.

其他特别的还有它们的mascara, 不像一般我们用的。化妆师说我们必须使用有螺旋状的表面化上才用滑面再化上。mascara 也有7种颜色那么多!

Other specialty about their products is the mascara, this is not usual type that we used. The makeup artist said that we must applied the coil part of the brush first before the chip part. Moreover, there is 7 colours for mascara!

这是Nobuko Takaki为模特儿化完的妆容,适合出街或上班。

Finishing look of the model after makeover by Nobuko Takaki.

化完后,我们也可以在场试着用他的产品化,不会的话,也可以请教Nobuko Takaki为我们指导,这次的workshop 可说收获不少啊!非常感谢Mary Quant 以及Manoah 的邀请!

After demontration, we are given a chance to test the product and try it. If we not sure the way, we can always ask Nobuko Takaki for guidance. I can say we learnt a lot in this workshop and all thanks to Mary Quant and Manoah for the invitation!

We received a goodies bag with lots of Mary Quant products such as eye shadows, blusher, palette and lipstick. 

我们也拿了些Mary Quant 手礼如眼影,腮红,化妆盒以及唇膏。

It takes me some time to fix the 2 eye shadows and blusher into the palette as they comes in unique angle which needs to fit in perfectly.


Mary Quant lipstick- I got a light orange red!
Mary Quant唇膏-我拿到亮橙色!

cupcake with black daisy symbol

 For more information, please visit:


  1. Nice store, i wish they had a outlit in my country too..
    Dont forget to enter my giveaway.
    Keep in touch,

    1. thanks Pooja for your visit!
      Hope they will enter your country soon!

  2. nice one,
    i like their mascara and eyeliner/lipliner pencil the most, should i say max!
    colorful to play around!

    1. yipp i like their lip/eye pencil which can switch to use and their colour selections are many to choose

  3. 他的化妆品尤其是眼影,可以mix & match,选择自己的颜色来配搭,不错!

    1. yes, 是不是吸引到你了呢?嘻嘻

  4. Awww! 我也好想试一下Mary Quant的化妆品啊!


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