Sunday, September 15, 2013

9 号咖啡馆 @ Ninelixious

Ninelixious 在利双广场附近,隔壁就是龙门客栈。这是一家新开的店面。今天受邀来特地尝尝这家餐厅的美食!

Ninelixious is newly opened restaurant in town. It is next to Long Men Ke Zhan and within walking distance from Leisure Mall. I was invited that day to their restaurant to have a try on their dishes.

9 号咖啡馆的促销,RM8.90 包含开胃菜,主菜,汤以及饮料。

Promotion of Ninelixous -RM8.90 incuded appetizer, main course, soup and drink.


Entering the restaurant, right hand side is a drink counter while the kitchen is upstair.


The drink in this restaurant is categorized into 3: coffee, ice blended frappe and signature drink.

Orange Chocolate RM10.90


We all like the orange chocolate drink. The taste of orange and chocolate is balanced between each other.

Vanilla Oreo RM13.90

我很喜欢这杯饮料的外表,巧克力的线条在奶白色的饮料中,感觉很漂亮。漂浮在饮料上的沙沙物体就是Oreo 的饼干碎,喜欢吃Oreo 饼应该会喜欢这杯!

I like the appearance of the drink. The sand like floating on top of drink is crushed Oreo biscuit. Those who like Oreo biscuit will definitely like this!

Green Tea Milk RM6.90
Green Tea Milk 也是很不赖,绿茶不会甘甘苦苦的,反而有奶的甜味。

Green Tea Milk also not a bad choice. We did not even taste bitter with the green tea but sweet with the milk.

Soda Mixed Berry RM3.50
色泽漂亮的Soda Mixed Berry是店内最便宜的饮料,习惯喝soda 饮料的人,味道是ok的!

Last drink is the beautifully coloured Soda Mixed Berry. Those who used to drink soda, the taste is acceptable for them!

Lamb Chop with Chips – RM 25.90
大多数餐厅都卖牛扒,但这里有羊扒。友人觉得肉质不会硬,但是有少许膻味 (他吃过的95% 羊肉都说有膻味,所以不用太在意),酱汁的调味都很好。

Most restaurant selling beef chop, but now we have lamb chop. My friend said the lamb chop is not stiff but smelly(However, 95% of lamb chop he consumed before also been commented so). The sauce is good.

Tuna and Egg Sandwich – RM 7.90


I like to eat sandwich and I will know if that is tasty or not through the first bite. So I was little bit disappointed with the dish as the bread is not soft enough, affecting overall taste.

Malaysia Kampung Fried Rice – RM 9.90


This is Malay Kampung style of fried rice. We have egg, vegetables and carrot mixed in the rice. I was not full after this as the portion is bit too little for me.

Aglio Olio Original – RM 9.90

The taste of Aglio-olio was not pass. The flavouring of pasta was too mild. I just get to know the main chef on leave that day so the other person who prepared the food was not well experienced in cooking.

Cantonese Noodle – RM 9.90

The sauce of Cantonese Noodle was diluted and not the flavour of my favor. I hope the chef will take note on this.

20, Jalan Manis 4,
Taman Segar,
56100 Kuala Lumpur.

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