RM1 Workshop Teaching You to Earn More in Social Media Platform

Consumer's purchasing behavior has changed over the years along with latest technology development. Users are now getting the information they need from online sources and this affects the way and their decision making to purchase a product and service. Thus,  business owners must grab the opportunity to use the online platforms to ensure stable growth for their business and stay relevant to the market.

RM1 online marketing workshop

Najib Asaddok, a well-known online marketing expert now launched a campaign called " Roket Pemasaran Momentum" which aimed to help local entrepreneurs to gain deeper understanding of online marketing and attract more customers.

The main objective of the campaign is to equip business owners with strategies on how to market their products or services. With their online Rocket Marketing Formula, it is believed the marketing campaign will be more effective, brand awareness will increase significantly, eventually, sales will start to skyrocket.

RM1 online marketing workshop

"Our main target are those who already run a business; these are entrepreneurs, business owners, founders, sales person, stockist, and agents. We also focusing on 5 main industries; Fashion, Food & beverage, Health, Beauty and Services."

Since 2015, the company has helped more than 38k entrepreneurs nationwide through classes and programs, also more than 20% of them have gone through advanced courses.

"The percentage of success rate is quite subjective.  We have proof that there are plenty of successful entrepreneurs that we guide, and have achieved their first RM1 million sales, within 6-12 months coaching." said Najib.

RM1 online marketing workshop

Among the books published by Najib Asaddok, CEO of Momentum Internet Sdn Bhd and also Internet entrepreneur since 2009.

RM1 online marketing workshop

Contents in the 2 books - tips & guide written by Najib Asaddok

RM1 online marketing workshop

I browsed through and read few pages inside the book. I find it's quite useful for those who target their customers through online platform namely, Facebook. The author detailing everything one must take note to make their marketing campaign in FB runs successfully with correct audience which turns as their customers. To those who wanna learn more and wish to have Q&A session directly with Najib, you sure will not want to miss out the workshop later!

To register, please log onto: http://naktarikpelanggan.com/


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