Tips for Raya Preparation

The mall is starting with Raya decoration now! OMG, Raya is coming soon! Well, for those who celebrate, what’s your preparation for the coming festive? Here, I shortlisted a checklist to follow for the Raya preparation:

1. Baking cookies/ buy them

For every celebration, food is always the important element of it. It would be embarrassed if we don’t have enough food (kuih Raya/ cookies) to serve the guests who visiting our houses during “Open House”. There are assorted of kuih Raya as we seen in the market.  Types of Kuih Raya available including London Almond,  Pineapple tart, Honey Cornflakes, Semperit, Dahlia cookies, Suji Cookies, Ant’s Nest, Mazola, Kuih Ros, Rempeyek, Kuih Kapit, Onion Chips, Banana Chips, Popia Simpul, Popia Nestum, Almond Crunchy Bar and Red Velvet Cookies. 

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Are you going to bake them yourself? For housewives, this is possible. But for working ladies, this would be tough enough as you might be tired after work and wanna get a good rest on your spare time. So you might opt for online shopping.  The recommended website for Raya cookies shopping would be shopee from many different sellers. Not only that, aside from a lot of variety and options, you could save few ringgits by redeeming Shopee promo code.

2.  Duit Raya

Same as Chinese Ang Pao, Malay also has duit Raya. But only married Chinese would be compulsory to give Ang Pao to the younger one who has not married, sometimes they give to their parents also after they start working.  Malay seems to be different in this case.  Unmarried one would give the duit Raya also to the younger in the family.

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Have you started to queue in the bank to change for smaller notes for the duit Raya giveaway? This does not sound like favourable thing to do for all. Thanks to the technology advancement, now not only we can send and receive duit Raya in the classic packets, we can also make it visually with WeChat pay, Samsung pay, Boost and Grab pay. Just make sure you top up enough in the app you using. The e-wallet or the digital money has been widely accepted in many transactions in Malaysia including grocery shopping and petrol refilling. And sometimes the app also having offers like cashback for the participating brands. So this is also a great way to save your money for duit Raya and your time for the queue.

3. Baju Raya

Having new clothes to wear during Raya for a great new start of the year is one of the must-do things. Have you planned what you want to wear during Raya? The colour of the outfit?Custom-made or ready to wear?The design – Baju Kedah? Baju Kurung? Baju Kebaya? Modern or traditional cutting? For those looking for special design which suited well, tailor made would be the good one. But that’s time consuming and more expensive compared with the ready to wear. Speaking of that, I’ve checked Zalora and discovered a lot of options that could fit my style. Not only that, this Zalora promo code come in handy for me to get extra savings.Furthermore, if you would like to visit families, relatives and friends for Raya (which Malay said Raya celebration ends for a month), it seem not nice if you wearing the same outfit every time.This is especially true for those who like to post #ootdRaya in Instagram.

4. Balik Kampung

Is your hometown away from the place you stay now? Are you checking the flight ticket fare or train ticket or bus ticket? Or you will go back with car? You have to browse the flight company page everyday to check on the lowest rate as the price up and down daily. It is said that booking early could save you a headache which the ticket might be sold out in last minute.

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Every time during festive, the road accidents hike up tremendously. So it is advised to check your car and send for car service before you back kampung for road safety. Book your appointment now to avoid disappointment! And don’t forget to polish your car for the comfort of the passengers.

Till here, wish all Happy Ramadhan :)


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