Ways to find your rental home smoothly

Recently, you are considering to move to Denai Alam and thinking of renting a house there for the first time. Whether you are renting for the first time or rethinking your current living situation, the search for a rental home can be tedious and long winding. Considering the current market situation, many are still thinking that renting a house first before owning a property. Not only the early adulthood groups are considering thinking, there are also a considerate amount of families, empty nesters and seniors who prefer to rent than owning. Although it is very exciting to find a place you want to realise your dream home but to find one that actually fits your bill can be a difficult task if you are not prepared. Here are some of the tips that will help you to secure your dream rental home.

1. Early starters
In this case, it is better to be ‘kiasu’ and start early because we all know that nothing good happens from the last minute preparation. This also happens even in rental properties, it is true that the early bird catches the worm. Start searching early to improve your chances of finding the perfect home. Most experts advised that it is best to start searching right 60 days before you even start moving. However if you have the time to begin earlier, do it as you might have better options and time to pick up the house that is closest to your dream house.

2. Do you want it? Do you know it? 
We are all fond and attracted to fancy and beautiful extras decos or furniture like a spa-bath or walk-in closet, but don’t let these things take away your attention from what really matters when you begin moving in. Always segregate your needs and wants before listing down your deal breakers. Perhaps the most important things to consider is the size of the unit, location and the proximity to the public transport and pet policies, for those of you who are animal lovers. 

Apparently, if you have crossed out these necessities in your checklist, then you may consider to think about some of those extras you would love to have and help to narrow your search, like a fully-equipped kitchen or cabinet.

3. Start from online but don’t rely on it 
It has been a known fact that most renters will start searching for their dream rental especially the urban crowd. Logically speaking, it is more convenient if you have narrowed down your options and depending on the variable facilities provided by the development. Of course, the pricing and the proximity actually determine their monthly rental budget. On the other hand, if you are moving to a new city, most of the property listing platform won’t tell you the good neighbours or nearest local amenities of the house you’ve chosen. 

What we suggest is that to Google the area just to get the feel of how does it look like. However, we advise that to prepare back up your research by visiting the area so you are able to drive around the neighbourhood to see if you have fallen in love it.

4. Obtain insights 
You finally found a property that you love but before getting the deal sealed, it is advisable to talk to current tenants and potential neighbours to discover the accessibility of landlord if there are any problems arising, what repairs, if any necessary tasks to be done to the property and whether the next door neighbour likes to throw loud parties. 

Information like these are crucial because you would not want to live in a neighbourhood that is not peaceful for you, even if you love the property. Ask the previous tenants, pretty sure they are more than willing to share their thoughts with you. 

5. Follow through 
Renting is a different game compared to buying a house. Once you have finally found a place you are interested in, you should not dilly dally or take any of the steps lightly. Confirm your interest immediately as it will take two or three days for a real estate agent to actually approve your rental application. Since you love the place, you definitely would not want to risk in losing a place you have fallen in love because you did not prepare the deposit amount. Thus, ensure you have everything prepared and be responsive to your agents’ call from time to time.


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