Hatyai Shopping Hauls - Must Buy Items

It's December now! I can't believe the time passed so fast! It's going to be 2019 soon! Well, back to 2018, I only travel to Hatyai so far. So what do you buy when you going to Hatyai or other part of Thailand? Here, I'm going to share my shopping hauls from Hatyai.

Lay potato chips

Pocky biscuits

Bento spicy snack (I tried 3 flavours but all too spicy for me!)

Bento blue or yellow or red packaging > please don't ever try any if you are not that tolerate to spiciness! I can't even finish one piece. Putting a coin-sized of this in my mouth feel like something burning my tongue and I really need a lot of water before I finish chewing it.

Pocky biscuit is one of the must buy items in Thailand. They are having a lot of flavours to select compared in Malaysia. Together with all the snacks, I bought the chilli sauce too! This is a bit unusual. Since Thailand is famous for Tom Yam, I guess their chilli sauce also have their uniqueness in term of the taste.

Last, we should not forget about the cashew nuts! Thailand has many cashew nuts farm and Thailand is famous for its cashew nuts. The usual way they sell is either roasted or non-roasted. The roasted one is more tasty and a bit expensive. Recently, I also visited a factory which they also sell cashew nuts in wasabi, chocolate, tom yam, sesame, matcha and other flavours. But the price is about double up the normal one.

I'm not a big fan of cashew nuts. I eat it just for its health benefits. The additional flavours version does not seem to fit my budget. So I did not buy any.

People also craze for Koh Kae peanut as shown above, In Malaysia, the price is about RM8 and above. At Hatyai, they selling at 57 Baht only. 

Going to shopping mall in Hatyai will left you in awe with the variety of drinks. You could see black soy bean drink, brown rice drink and etc. I could not resist any and bought quite a lot. So imagine, my luggage is quite heavy just because of the drinks. LOL

39 Baht for a piece and add in 1 Baht for a second piece.

I bought all these masks during my previous visit to Hatyai. Watsons Thailand was having promotion. It's about 20 Baht for a piece of mask. How I'm not getting crazy of it? Malaysia is selling at least RM4 and above for a piece of mask. 

Till here, my sharing on my Hatyai shopping hauls. What you buy if you travel to Hatyai or Thailand? Do let me know!


  1. I can't get over the fact that it is December. You got some yummy treats to try out.


  2. Thailand is the best shopping destination. I hope to visit Thailand again next year.

  3. I love the cashew nuts from Thailand...

  4. I haven’t been to Hatyai. Definitely love to visit soon! xoxo


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