A Visit to Sentul Depot @ RIUH Art Market

I saw someone posted about this RIUH art & craft event in Sentul Depot and that attracted me to go over to have a look. 

RIUH (pronounced: ri-yoh; means: loud festive noises in Malay) is a monthly (one weekend every month) curated creative platform in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that aims to enhance the creative ecosystem by connecting creative entrepreneurs, creators and artists to the community. They have different creative offerings monthly.

The interest towards craft is so-so only. I'm not very into the art person. But the place where it held was the point of interest ~ Sentul Depot. It is not opened to public and that piece of land where Sentul Depot located belongs to YTL. So, it was indeed a great opportunity to get in and visit this area that less discovered in conjunction with the event.

Starting from 1905, the Federated Malay States Railway began building a complex of railway maintenance workshops at Sentul known as the Central Railway Workshops. Sentul Depot, as it is known now, consists of numerous large brick buildings and metal sheds primarily used once as depots, engineering workshops and storage areas for steam and diesel locomotives and railway cars.

Sentul Depot was one of the biggest finest integrated engineering workshops in the world, employing about 5000 railway people in its heyday. Activities include assembly and servicing of railway carriages. Majority of the parts needed by the rail industry were manufactured in the foundry, sawmills & workshops located at the complex. At its height, the depot even built train parts to serve the railway network in India.

Occupying an estimated 5.2 hectares of land, Sentul depot with a footprint of 200,000 square feet operated long before Malaya's independence from British rule in 1957. It was the centre of FMSR locomotive storage and maintenance in the Federated States of Malaya and after 1948, the Malayan Railways (Keretapi Tanah Melayu/ KTM).

Art and craft market at RIUH 

The creative juice from the artist who created the lamp using the pipe and bulb just blew my mind!

The building just left at the original place as it was back to those days. I am not sure what the brick building for, it is gated.

The venue for RIUH was divided into 2 sections: 1. Art & craft market ; 2. Food & beverage

Instead of bas sekolah, they put in "Tak" in middle meaning : No Schooling Bus .... LOL

This bus is actually a book store. They removed the seats and put in the book racks, mainly selling the novels.

The same brick building showing above but different perspective.

Another brick building....

100 years back, perhaps they prefer the building remains in this style without any paint on the wall.

Different window designs for each. That's very big window behind me, they put net for each of the window. And I wonder why? To prevent thief and outsider to sneak in? Hmmm.... How do the workers escape in case of fire and emergency then? Things to ponder...


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