Selangor Fruit Valley @ Rawang

Environmental Still Life Photography Workshop  @ Selangor Fruit Valley, Rawang

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By the time I reach Selangor Fruit Valley, it was already an hour late for the workshop. It was my first time to the farm. Never I expected Selangor Fruit Valley is located at Rawang since my grandmum's house is here. The journey from KL to Selangor Fruit Valley is about an hour drive approximately 60 km for one way. But the remaining 16 km away from Rawang town is not a pleasant drive. The road is crooked and narrow with trees at both sides only. Thus, make sure you have enough petrol in this case.

Selangor Fruit Valley, Rawang

The entrance fee of Selangor Fruit Valley is RM10 for adult. This inclusive of the tram ride that brings you around the farm. 

Selangor Fruit Valley, Rawang

This place is huge. I was told that Selangor Fruit Valley is opened many years ago and recently only publicized. The place is actually belongs to Perbadanan Kemajuan Pertanian Selangor (PKPS) ~ government body. Views above taken from observation deck of Carambola Pavilion.

Selangor Fruit Valley, Rawang

If anyone you know interested to involve in agriculture but with limited resources, you could reach Selangor Fruit Valley for discussion. They rent out 2.3 hectres (approximately 2 football fields size) land for only RM150 per month. But then they only accept innovative agriculture like hydroponic.

Selangor Fruit Valley, Rawang

Our tram never stops and directly send us to the Rumah Kampung for practicing our photography skill. 

Selangor Fruit Valley, Rawang

Each of us picked a fruit and brought them together for shooting. We formed a group of five but ours only 4 members. At the end of the day, each of us would be passing up 3 pictures from SD card to show our outcomes to Mr Azul Adnan's (professional photographer) for comments. The event is organized by PCP publication and Tourism Selangor supported by SFV.

Selangor Fruit Valley, Rawang

That was one of my photos sent for comments besides the fruits photo. Unexpectedly, I got a very good feedback from Mr Azul :D

Selangor Fruit Valley, Rawang

The whole event ended about 2pm. Since it was my first time here, we decided to take the tram for some places we missed out after the event.

Selangor Fruit Valley, Rawang

Tadah, we stopped at the rabbit farm to take photos with them. The weather changed too fast that it started to rain after we visited the place. We quickly ran into the tram and the worker locked the place to go home. I wish to come back here again for madu kelulut sucking from the nest, plucking fresh vegetables (special permission) and etc.

Attractions at this place:
Eco Bridge
Rumah Kampung ( Malay traditional house)
Taman Arnab (rabbit farm)
Carambola Pavilion (function hall, observation deck)
Jeti Keranji (jetty)
Laman Herba (Herbs park)
Makmal Tisu Kultur (tissue culture lab)
Lembah Kelulut Valley (kelulut honey valley)
Taman Rusa (deer farm)

Opening: Everyday except Friday (9am - 4pm)
Entrance fee:
Adult - RM10
Foreigner - RM20
Senior citizen - RM5
Children - RM5

KM 7, Jalan Batang Berjuntai,
45600  Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia.


  1. A nice tour. Like the photo of the fruits.

  2. Sounds like a fun place to visit.

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  4. I would love to come here one day. Always interesting to visit a fruit valley! ^.^


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