Clozette Party 2018

Clozette came back to Malaysia for its annual clozetters get-together party! This party was one of those beauty events that I much looking forward as it was always fun and new things to discover. This time clozette held the party at Botanica Deli in Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur. The best thing of it was new faces everytime I join. Thus, if you miss it, you could join it too next year. Moreover, it's free!

Same as last year, they held in a cafe. Honestly, the food in Botanice Deli is scrumptious!

The lovely foam pillow by Senka is really cute! Everyone is holding it for a photo of it. Senka is originated from Japan that specializes with variety of cleansers product. I personally like the smooth and easy to bubbles texture that helps to deeply clean the dirt on our face.

I use different brands of facial cleansers and do double cleansing when I shower at night before sleep. Currently I'm using the Perfect Whip in blue packaging. The new Senka cleansers - Perfect Whip Collagen In and All Clear Oil Whip sounds promising too! Definitely I would like to give a try later!

A beautiful props and back drop for photo shooting. Well, staying in all day sunny weather country like Malaysia, wearing long sleeves and hat when going out is not enough!

We need another sheer of protection like Anessa sunscreen! Anessa under Shiseido group is No 1 hot selling sunscreen product in Japan! Going for beach and worry getting tanned? Get Anessa SPF 50+ PA ++++ to ensure you don't get a sunburn. For now, you can find it at Watsons Malaysia.

I found a new hair product during Clozette party. GHD meaning Good Hair Day is hair styler product from Singapore which claimed not to damage your hair for every use. You can find GHD in Sephora.

Tadah ~ a photo together with founder of Clozette, Kersie from Singapore.

A personalized gift from Clozette party by Anessa. I pretty love this little gift as it is engraved with our name on it. I can't wait to try it! ( I might bring it to the cruise soon :) Stay tune for my review!

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  1. That top you are wearing is super cute. Hope you are having a great week.

  2. Love your top. Lol.

    The pillow foam is cute.


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