Nature Bounty Supplement Now in Watsons Malaysia!

Do you feel exhausted and tired always? Do you always stay late till night for works? Are you the one on busy schedule finding difficult to sit down quietly for a proper meal? Are you on fast food diet almost everyday? Besides active workout for a healthy body, dietary intake is important. While due to many factors, we usually not taking enough nutrients to supply our body needs (I'm not talking about the carbohydrate/ fat/ calories XD... which usually more than what we need)

In this case, as nutritionist myself, I would like to suggest to have some supplements to incorporate in the diet. Bear in mind, good nutrition is a key to a healthy life. I came across Nature Beauty product event last week, which they gladly announced the brand will be found on shelf at Watsons Malaysia store wide.

Nature Bounty Supplement Now in Watsons Malaysia!

What's Nature Bounty?

Nature’s Bounty is the premium vitamin and supplement brand with a 40-year reputation for delivering high quality vitamins and supplements to consumers around the world. Nature’s Bounty vitamins and supplements are manufactured in the USA with comprehensive testing of ingredients and over 100 quality checks throughout the manufacturing process.

Nature Bounty Supplement Now in Watsons Malaysia!

Surprisingly, Nature Bounty Malaysia brought in quite a wide range of products like B Complex Plus C, Ester-C, Calcium Magnesium Plus D, CoQ10, Omega 3 Fish Oil, Salmon Oil, Red Krill Oil, B 12 as well as Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies.

Something Caught My Attention!

I personally is fascinated with the Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies product which is really a delicious gummies with chewy texture and  at the same time containing Vitamin A, C, E and biotin. Upgraded version of it has added in COLLAGEN. This innovative formulated gummies has totally changed my negative perception of gummies that only bad for health (and lead to dental problem) due to the sugar and colouring content. After all, guys you still need to adhere to the prescription (2 gummies daily) and brush your teeth everyday yeah :D

Nature Bounty Event Day ~ activities

Nature Bounty Supplement Now in Watsons Malaysia!

I like the simple activity held during Nature Bounty's event. On table, there are dried fruits, nuts and cereal. They asked us to design our own granola cup using the ingredients given. As the theme is "HEALTHY", winners will be chosen based on that criteria. All of us were striving to give the best and being outstanding to win the prize.

Nature Bounty Supplement Now in Watsons Malaysia!

Every participant has to upload the finished granola cup picture to instagram with the hashtag #NBWatsons2018 and the individual numbered board must being seen in the picture. It is a headache moment to snap the best picture with best angle while showing clearly the granola cup content in a dim room. I snapped a few at different corners but in the end I chose above picture to upload as I think that's the most satisfying piece out of many.

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Presenting you guys my healthy granola cup with whole grain making the base followed by fruit and vegetables and last up is the fat which is equivalent to our body needs and the standard food pyramid guideline. The fat is on top which is the least we should consume but must consume especially the good fat like yoghurt 😁 Plain yoghurt could be eat together with fruits for better taste and health (not only deco😂) #NBWatsons2018 @nbwatsons2018 #almondbutter  #yogurtbowl  #greekyogurt  #chiapudding  #smoothiebowl  #muesli  #freshjuice  #greenjuice  #brekkie  #homemadegranola  #flaxseed  #granola  #cashewbutter  #oatmealbowl  #nutribullet  #whatsforbreakfast #foodpyramid #fitfoodie #healthgoal #breakfasttime  #healthybreakfastideas  #breakfastideas  #greekyoghurt #frozenfruit  #nectarines  #postworkoutmeal  #breakfastbowl  #healthysmoothie  #smoothierecipes
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Nature Bounty Supplement Now in Watsons Malaysia!

I practically jumped for joy when the emcee announced that I was one of the winners for the Design Your Granola Cup contest :) The prize is a basket of Nature Bounty product which I can't wait to try it out.

For those who interested with Nature Bounty products, you guys can walk into any Watsons store to find it out. Meanwhile, here I listed out the price list for some Nature Bounty's products.

  1. B Complex Plus C - RM41.90 (45s)
  2. Calcium Magnesium Plus D - RM45.90 (60s)
  3. CoQ10 100mg - RM69.90 (30s)
  4. Omega 3 Fish oil 1360mg - RM74.90 (30s)
  5. Omega 3 Fish oil 1360mg - RM121.90 (90s)
  6. Salmon oil 1000mg - RM55.90 (120s)
  7. Red krill Oil 1000mg - RM99.90 (30s)
  8. B12 500mcg - RM35.90 (100s)


  1. I used take the hair and nail vitamins before having my daughter. They did wonders for me.

  2. Thanks for the info. I take its omega 3 oil.

  3. Congratulations, Emily - so exciting to win! And what a nice way to make events interesting.

    1. Yup, I'm so excited :) when announcing me as winner

  4. The best vitamins are natural, but I admit that in autumn and winter I reach for supplements.

    1. oh yeah that's the easy way to get enough for our body needs
      I do agree with you that we should always get the nutrients from food first :)


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